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Real Estate News: Shortage of Listed Homes Boosting Condo Sales

Posted 4.18.14 @ 12:45 by: Brad Miller

If you’ve been looking for a home in the GTA, you’ve probably had some trouble finding a good one: you’re not alone. Today the shortage of listed homes across the Greater Toronto Area has reached new heights, with the average home price rising almost twice the national average.

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Community News: Special Council Meeting on Community Mailboxes

Posted 4.16.14 @ 12:45 by: Brad Miller

We’ve covered this topic in length already, but the Oakville Town Council has announced that there will be a special meeting April 7th about the new Canada Post Community mailboxes.

Many residents in Oakville will be converted over the new community mailbox system later this year, but there are still many questions surrounding how the system will be implemented. Many are concerned that the mailboxes won’t be constructed in time before their home mail delivery gets cut off, while others are concerned about elderly friends and loved ones that won’t be able to check the boxes often.

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Community News: Oakville Adding 31km of Pedestrian and Cycling Ways

Posted 4.15.14 @ 12:40 by: Brad Miller

Oakville, keeping with its sustainability mandate, will soon add more than 31km of pedestrian and cycling ways to the city. That means more on and off road cycling lanes, which means more signed bike routes and both new and improved sidewalks throughout the city. The project also aims to rehabilitate the Bronte Road underpass and trail.

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Infographic: Top 10 Do It Yourself Home Improvements for Under 5k

Posted 4.14.14 @ 8:0 by: Brad Miller

HomeGain surveyed nearly 500 real estate professionals nationwide and configured a list of the top 10 do it yourself home improvements that cost under $5,000 and benefit sellers most when they sell their homes. 

What finished on top? Find out here!

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News: 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About the New Distracted Driving Rules

Posted 4.10.14 @ 7:55 by: Brad Miller

Last month the fines increased to $280 because of a Chief Justice’s decree about distracted driving - but there’s so much you need to know before you hop behind the wheel! As we go on through this digital age, it’s only the beginning. These new laws are going to shape the rules of the road, our behaviours in Ontario and all of Canada, for many years to come.

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