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It is indeed the season for gift giving as HHS (Hatch and Halton Healthcare Services) announced that an agreement for Hatch’s donating a $3 million photovoltaic solar array power system to the new Oakville hospital is finalised.

The rooftop solar array will generate power which will be sold and the proceeds will go to the Hospital Foundation fund through the Feed In-Tariff (FIT) program of the Ontario Power Authority.

Hatch ‘Hatching’ the Plan

It did take two years of planning and design work, but the Canadian-owned globally operating EPCM (engineering, procurement and construction management) firm Hatch did pull it off. They will begin constructing the 500 KW solar array in 2015. As for plans, the array will be situated on the parking garage rooftop. It has been designed by Hatch’s engineers to be architecturally unique and will feature the best of the best in terms of energy components with the highest efficiency ratings, most of which are exclusively and locally made in Ontario.

Hatch’s global director of solar power Rob Lydan states that the company has a long history with Oakville and is very proud to be the provider of an environmentally friendly and sustainable source of revenue and power to the new Hospital. He further states that a significant percentage of Hatch’s employees live in Oakville and the GTA, which goes to show that the company cares for the communities they work with.

A Very Generous Gift

The $3 million gift is comprised of the capital expenditure plus all the design of the entire structure and modules including the procurement, permitting, construction, commissioning and of course, the handover of the project to HHS. A revenue of $5 million stretched over a period of 20 years awaits the Oakville Hospital Foundation as is stated in the FIT contract which was developed by the joint efforts of Ontario Power Authority and Hatch in partnership with Hydro One and Oakville Hydro.

HHS’s vice president for redevelopment Bill Bailey says that Halton Healthcare Services is very much pleased to be on the receiving end of such an extraordinary generous donation to the Hospital.

An Extraordinary Facility

According to Bailey, the new Oakville hospital will feature leading edge design features, new technologies and an environment that offers plenty of benefits of the community. He further says that the HHs is delighted to be Hatch’s chosen partner and that they will surely be bringing and constructing a state-of-the-art healthcare facility to the community with the help of funding from Hatch’s latest and most innovative rooftop design for solar technology. HHS expressed pleasure in working with Hatch’s team to bring the best healthcare to Oakville and GTA residents; stating that seeing local businesses and employers support community efforts is especially rewarding.

As of present time, the Hospital Foundation is continuing it’s efforts to raise more funding to purchase essential medical equipment for the new hospital, for which they need about $60 million for the construction and purchase of equipment.

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