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On the prowl for gardening ideas to try out? Growing a garden every year may get boring for some people, more so if they’ve been doing the same routine and planting the same plants year in and year out. If you’re looking for creative gardening ideas, this post is for you!

Garden for the Native Bees

If you’re into gardening, chances are you already love bees and would love to help them out, but have you considered gardening specifically for local bee species? This is easier than you think! A good water source, choosing local plants, and refraining from using some pesticides will be a good start. If you want to support honey bees, you can also purchase and install a hive. This is especially helpful for areas with harsh winters.

Try Container Gardening

If you’ve moved to a place with a small yard or would just love having the freedom to move plants around without breaking out the shovel each time, growing your garden in containers would be a great idea.

Plant a Cocktail Garden

Most people love the thought of growing food in their garden, but have you considered trying your hands on a cocktail garden? It simply means focusing on plants that produce something you can drink or use in making a drink. Sounds great, eh?

Use Greywater for Your Garden

Gardening can use up so much water, wouldn’t it be great if you can garden and use water that’s basically for free? You can! Greywater, or the water from your shower, laundry, and sinks is usually safe to use for the garden. This may need a bit of setting up at first, such as if you choose to use water distribution system that is connected to a greywater collector; but hey, wouldn’t it be so much easier to just have your garden automatically watered when you take a shower or do the laundry?

Turn Your Parking Strip Into An Oasis

Why let valuable space go to waste when you can transform it into a thing of beauty? If you have a common parking area with neighbours, moving in some potted plants to define the parking area would be great. If space permits it, go for full-blown flower beds! This may take a while to catch on but when it does, your parking area would surely be prettified!

Make Your Front Yard More Neighbour-Friendly

A well-manicured lawn may be pretty to look at, but it may put off some people. By simply adding some chairs and maybe a table or creating a seating area in your garden or front lawn, you convert your space into an inviting hub even when you’re not there.

Why Not Go For a Flower Bed

If you’ve never had a flower bed, this year would be the year to give it a go! You can DIY this or hire a professional but if you’ve got a large yard, experimenting wouldn’t be a bad idea. Ask your local nursery for plants that are easy to take care of and have interesting colours and shapes. You might be surprised at what you can come up with.

Build a Raised Bed for Edibles and Some Plants

A raised bed would be great for those who have issues with their back or just want to add some dimension or structure to their garden. This can be easily incorporated with a bench or to your existing landscape if you’re on a slope.

Start With Herbs

If you’re new to gardening, starting with edible herbs will provide you with a relatively easy introductory experience. Most herbs that you can grow at a home garden are resilient enough for first time gardeners.

Welcome Butterflies with Native Plant Species

If your home sits on monarch zone, chances are your garden will be better off if you plant native species and plants that attract the monarch butterflies (and other species). Native plant species are generally easier to care for too!

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