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Having beautiful and functional bedrooms that promote sleep is not always a given when you purchase luxury real estate. There are times when you have to do a full renovation or redecorate the bedrooms to truly make them your own. What to do when choosing a paint colour for the bedroom is not enough to create the bedroom of your dreams? Glam up your bedroom fairy tale style, of course!

Start With A Beautiful Headboard

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas

No fairy tale bedroom would be complete without a beautiful statement headboard. It doesn’t have to be an upholstered one but it has to have enough bulk and texture for it to be a conversation starter in itself.

Use Calming Colours

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 2

Pastels with a lot of soft greens and baby pinks are a staple along with white. You can also get away with using robin’s egg blue and a warm gray for a more gender neutral appeal. Throw in some lilac in the mix for balance!

Try Fancy Wallpaper

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 3

Wallpaper with fancy whimsical details such as bits of gold or other metals is sure to go with the pastels mentioned earlier. They also create debt and layers of interest in an otherwise basic wall.

Don’t Forget Cosy Curtains

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 4

The key for achieving cosy curtains is using a lot of white and layering heavy fabric with softer and more translucent ones. Be sure to add some as bed canopy or as canopy over the lounge or boudoir chair mentioned below.

Use Sensual Fabrics

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 5

Shimmery sensual fabrics over the bed, in the curtains, for the upholstery, and for pillows will make your bedroom extra cosy and decadent. Faux fur would be great as a rug, throw, or as a wall hanging as well.

Install Mesmerizing Lights

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 6

Overhead lighting and lamps are not enough to get a fairy tale bedroom. Go for a chandelier, a few electronic candles, and some fairy lights strewn all over to really create a mesmerizing glow when the main light source is turned off. As for lamps, choose ones with character that can also double as décor.

Get An Enchanting Armoire

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 7

Armoires are a staple in bedrooms for fairy tale stories so you better have one in yours to complete that magical fairy tale vibe. They’re not just for décor though, as armoires are great for storage or for hiding unsightly television and other electronics that wouldn’t look right in your fairy tale bedroom.

Go For A Chic Nightstand

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 8

As touched upon earlier, your lamps, including your nightstands, should fit well with the overlook aesthetics of the room. Don’t be afraid of bejeweled look or an unconventional design. The more ‘weird in a cute way’ your nightstands are, the better they will fit into a fairy tale bedroom.

Adorn Your Shelves

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 9

Do not hesitate from displaying beautiful vintage cups and perfume bottles on your shelves. This shabby chic décor is very reminiscent of fairy tale homes.

Add A Lounge, A Chaise, or A Boudoir Chair

Fairy Tale Bedroom Ideas 10

A reading nook that can double as a lounge area can do wonders in making a bedroom look a lot better and fancier. It will also add an opportunity to use whimsical details so that it can also serve as part of the décor.

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