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Unexpected touches, cute patterns, and the smart use of colour can make dullness a thing of the past. With spring just a few weeks away, a quick swapping of accessories might be all you need to revive your kitchen. Below are some of the colourful and creative accent ideas you can use to transition your kitchen into spring.

Knobs and Pulls Swap


Swapping your existing drawer pulls and knobs to better-looking ones can give your kitchen a makeover that’s easy on the pocket and only takes a few hours.

Colourful Stools


If you have a kitchen island, colourful stools will make a preppy functional accessory for your kitchen. Be sure to match the stools with towels and other accessories for a professional look.

Beautiful Paper Lanterns


Small lanterns either made from rice paper or recycled paper can add a festive zest to any kitchen; more so when they’re hung over the window.

Hang Art


You can choose to fill a narrow wall with art or perhaps invest in real art pieces that you can hang in your kitchen’s protected areas. This unexpected twist will surely bring class to your kitchen.

Buy Colourful Kitchen Tools


Whether or not you go for the colourful stools above, buying kitchen tools in a variety of complementing hues can bring life to any kitchen. As long as the tools have a real purpose, you don’t have to worry about going overboard.

Get a Bright Rug


Rugs need not be drab just because they’re in a high-traffic area like the kitchen. There are rugs that are made from spill-proof fabric and will be perfect for the busy kitchen environment. You simply have to make sure that you opt for an indoor-outdoor rug for guaranteed easy cleaning.

Try Patterned Shades


A colourful printed fabric for your roller blinds or roman shades can give your kitchen an updated look; more so when it matches your cabinets!

Use the Element of Surprise


Why not tuck decorative elements where people do not expect to find any? If your kitchen has some nook and crannies or perhaps an empty shelf that needs some love, add a vase with cut flowers or perhaps decorative boxes. You’ll love this!

Bring Nature Inside


Using living plants is not the only way to bring nature to your kitchen. If you’ve got some space, you can bring in some branches and use them as rustic décor or perhaps something to hang objects from.

Get Creative with Wire Baskets


Wire baskets are perfect for kitchen storage because they can be used to hold fruits, vegetables, or even smaller kitchen tools. Why not get creative with them by spray-painting them in the colour of your choice? Not only will this make them display-worthy, but with the right type of spray paint, you’ll be protecting them too.

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