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It is nearly impossible to go back to having a plain bathroom once you’ve had a great experience with a carefully designed one. Say what you want about being spoiled but luxurious bathroom amenities need not put a dent in your checkbook. We got the perfect list for your future luxury bathroom upgrades that are perfect additions to your luxury real estate below!

Control Lighting with Dimmer Switches

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Shaving and grooming would be great in a very well lit room but a relaxing bubble bath needs dimmer lighting for the perfect ambiance. Have both by installing a light dimmer. You’ll love it!

Pamper Your Feet with Electrically Heated Tiles

Luxury Bathroom Ideas2

Tile being a cool surface is great in the summer, but it’s a whole new other story walking barefoot over tiles in the mid of winter. Have your tile setter install an electric heat mat to go under your tiles for cosy toes year round!

Go for Epoxy Grout

Luxury Bathroom Ideas3

Unsanded and sanded grout can be a pain to clean and prone to growing mildew, the opposite is true for epoxy grout. Its nearly waterproof, a breeze to clean, and lasts extra long.

Set Your Heart on a Fancy Commode

Luxury Bathroom Ideas4

Heated toilet seats, bidets with multiple water settings, and automated seats, what more can you ask for? Just make sure that everything you install complies with the local building code and you’ll be all good!

Get a Handheld Showerhead

Luxury Bathroom Ideas5

People usually think that those rainwater showerheads that come from the ceiling are the hallmark of a home being a piece of luxury real estate, but we beg to differ. Fixed showerheads might be nice to look at but they don’t give you a high-end spa experience. They are a pain to clean with too. The best option would be to get a handheld showerhead and install a diverter in your shower so that you can get the best of both worlds. If you're interested in Stylish Ideas for Shower Enclosures check out our blog post here.

Install a Lighted Makeup Mirror

Luxury Bathroom Ideas6

No luxury real estate’s bathroom is complete without a lighted mirror. They’re no longer a hotel-only amenity. They are an everyday necessity that will make your life a lot easier, fancy or not.

Set Hidden Outlets

Luxury Bathroom Ideas7

Bathrooms in luxury real estate should be as seamless and sophisticated as the properties they are in, so you better not have electrical cords creating a mess in your bathroom. Hide outlets inside drawers and cabinets. That will make them a bit safer too.

Have a Humidistat Fan

Luxury Bathroom Ideas8

No luxurious bathroom should have mist or extra humidity damaging the interiors! Install a humidistat fan to ensure that you can set the proper level of humidity to avoid moisture damage to your paint and fixtures.

Consider Adding a Shower Niche

Luxury Bathroom Ideas9

A shower niche can serve as a place for your toiletries or as a foot rest for when you are shaving. Don’t forget that luxury is huge on comfort!

Upgrade with Thermostatic Valves

Luxury Bathroom Ideas10

It is often true that you don’t know what you need until you’ve had it and you definitely need a thermostatic valve for your shower. A valve like this is able to control the water’s volume and temperature, turning each shower you’ll have into a pampering session.

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