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Coffee enthusiasts and trivia fanatics will surely fall in love with this post. Stay wide awake and be wowed by the most luxurious blends of coffee from all over the world as you sip the contents of each list item from our compilation of the world’s most luxurious coffee.

#1 - Finca El Injerto

Topping the list is the Finca El Injerto Coffee. Considered to be the most expensive coffee in the world at a whopping $500 per pound, the Finca El Injerto is handled with extreme care from the moment the coffee beans are picked from the shrub. To increase their quality, the beans are de-pulped and washed twice, contributing to the overall flavor development of this drink.

#2 – Hacienda La Esmeralda

Sporting the beautiful name of a woman, the Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee beans are ripened on the stalk and are grown atop a hill in Panama. The way the coffee is processed makes it one of the most exclusive coffee in the world with a price of $350 for a single pound.

#3 – Kopi Luwak or Kopi Luak

Perhaps one of the most controversial and well-known luxury coffee is the Kopi Luwak. The coffee beans of Kopi Luwak derive their special flavor from being partially digested by Asian Palm Civets. You may not want to know how they are harvested but for a staggering $80 for a cup, wouldn’t you want to take a sip to see what gives this coffee all the buzz it gets?

#4 – Saint Helena Coffee

The Saint Helena Coffee comes from a special small island located in South Atlantic Ocean. The whole process of sun drying the coffee beans takes 16 weeks or 4 months, allowing the coffee to develop a unique flavor profile which has been praised by connoisseurs worldwide. For $79 a cup, that extra long drying time must be surely worth it.

#5 – Black Ivory Coffee

The Black Ivory Coffee owes it price tag of $50 for a single cup from its rarity. Produced in Northern Thailand (from an elephant sanctuary no less!), this coffee undergoes a very unique process to be what it is. Let’s just say it involves the elephants going (ahem) potty. But don’t let that deter you, black ivory coffee is fast growing in popularity amongst the most avid of luxury coffee enthusiasts in recent years.

#6 – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Only growing at about 5,000 feet on top of a mountain, the Jamaican Blue Coffee is one of the finest in the world. Because of its rarity, a pound of this joe is at around $50 or more.

#7 – Fazenda Santa Ines

A true ‘vintage’ kind of coffee, the Fazenda Santa Ines has been produced by the same Brazilian family hailing from the Mantiquera Mountain area for more than 100 years. A taste of the Fazenda Santa Ines would set you back $50, but its alluring fruity flavor would make you come back for more.

#8 – Quadriginoctuple Frap from Starbucks

Who would have thought that you can find some luxury coffee at Starbucks? At $48 for a cup, this fancy Starbucks concoction comes with unique toppings such as strawberries. Good luck pronouncing that name though.

#9 – Los Planes

Los Planes hails from El Salvador and made waves in the luxury coffee market when it was introduced in 2006. The citrusy flavor and rich body gives this coffee a price tag of $40 a pound.

#10 – Hawaiian Kona Coffee

The Hawaiian Kona Coffee retails for about $34 a pound, which makes it one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Growing in popularity in recent years, sipping some Hawaiian Kona coffee would remind you of being in a tropical paradise, much like the group of islands from which it came from.

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