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The thought of sipping some champagne brings about feelings of good cheer. With summer in Oakville being in full swing and everyone seeming to be in the mood for celebrations and partying; no better drink comes to mind. Just think about it, you can drink champagne during brunch and no one will raise an eyebrow, they would probably just think you have some reason to celebrate.  So let’s talk about champagne and what makes this luxurious drink so amazing.

10 Surprising Facts about Champagne

  1. Don’t fret when someone spills some champagne on your leather shoes, bags or belt, it actually makes you and your leather accessories classier.  Back in the day, in 19th century England, distinguished gents used champagne to polish their boots. Now, that’s a reason to spill some champagne!
  2. Do you know that champagne undergoes two fermentation processes? In fact, it was rumored to be that champagne was first created by accident in Champagne, northern France. The area is so cold during the winter that the process of fermentation can actually stop. When spring comes, it starts again, giving birth to the celebratory drink we now call champagne.
  3. There is approximately 49 million bubbles in a standard 750 ml bottle of champagne.
  4. Beer can’t hold up against champagne when it comes to having more gas-creating bubbles. In that area, champagne beats beer 3:1.
  5. An average champagne bottle has 300% the pressure inside a car tire. That 90 pounds per square inch of pressure is what causes the celebratory fizz we all see when opening a bottle of champagne.
  6. With all that pressure inside a champagne bottle, you might be wondering  about how far can a champagne cork fly. Well, the longest recorded flight is more than 54 meters or 177 feet. With a velocity that can reach as high up as 64kph or 40mph, that champagne bottle cork really does need to be handled with care, unless you want the party to come to a halt unexpectedly.
  7. Ever wondered why elegant people drink their champagne oh so daintily? Taking only small sips is not just to look refined and cultured when drinking champagne, it has some medical and scientific significance too. When you drink champagne too fast, the gas bubbles can get into your bloodstream too fast too, which can give you bad headaches.
  8. If you happen to get bored at a party and happen to have some champagne, just drop a raisin into it and watch it go up and down for as long as the champagne is bubbling. People might start giving you queer looks though so only do this as a last resort.
  9. Drinking champagne from a flute keeps tit bubblier than drinking it from the more elegant coupe.
  10. If you want to know if you’re being served some good quality luxury champagne, look for the collerette. The collerette are the trains of bubbles which you should see on the side of the glass and means the champagne you’re drinking is top-notch!

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