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Millennials comprise one of the biggest economic force these days. They have fast-paced and dynamic lifestyles and want the best in everything. If you’re planning to sell your Oakville home and targeting millennials as buyers, you have to take note of what millennials want when buying a home.

Large Upgraded Kitchens

What Millennial's Want in a Home

Millennials want kitchens that are great for not just cooking. They want kitchens that can accommodate gatherings and just flow with the rest of the house. This usually means an open concept kitchen area with integrated appliances that look stylish.

Dedicated Laundry Room

What Millennial's Want in a Home2

A separate laundry room is more than welcome. A well-defined laundry space makes laundry an enjoyable chore and prevents clutter in other areas of the home.

Updated and Renovated Bathrooms

What Millennial's Want in a Home3

Although some millennials are buying homes on a budget, they want stylish homes that they can relax in. This is why having updated and renovated bathrooms are important to avoid a dated look.

Plenty of Storage

What Millennial's Want in a Home4

Do not underestimate the power of storage space when trying to sell a home. A walk-in pantry, a spacious garage, linen closets, shoe cabinets, and more are great selling points. Extra selling point if some of the storage are hidden ones.

Beautiful Floors

What Millennial's Want in a Home5

Believe it or not, floors can make or break a sale! There is an increased preference for hardwood floors because they are easier to clean than carpets. Yes, installing them can cost a bit but millennials are willing to shell out extra cash for good hardwood floors.

Functional Workspace or Home Office

What Millennial's Want in a Home6

A lot of millennials are either working from home or can telework when they want to. However, to be more productive, they need a dedicated workspace at home. You can’t go wrong with having a dedicated workspace or home office, more so if it comes with adequate storage!

Smart Home Features

Houses with smart home features are very attractive for millennials for plenty of reasons. First off, they are a generation that grew up with technology. Second, who wouldn’t want a home that allows you to control heating, lighting, music, cleaning, and even opening gates and doors? Having smart home features is definitely millennial-approved!

Energy Savings

Millennials place a huge importance on more environmental-friendly features because such features save energy. More so, environment-friendly homes mean plenty of savings on heating and cooling bills.

Coveted Location

You can’t go wrong with a great location near amenities, facilities, and work. Millennials value their time a lot. Being near the things they need and value means a lot of time saved. It’s all about easy access.

Great Neighbourhood

What Millennial's Want in a Home10

A beautiful neighbourhood with a strong sense of community is preferred by millennial home buyers. Golf course communities with pet-friendly and child-friendly parks and schools are very attractive for millennials who are looking to put down roots.

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