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With the weather beckoning us to spend more time outdoors, it is tempting to convert your patio, balcony, or garden into an outdoor room; but how do you pull that off without hiring a designer or a decorator? We’re here to give you some tips so read on and find out how you can bring your indoor style outside the professionally-made way!

Tip #1 – Choose Versatile Pieces of Furniture and Décor

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Having pieces which will function well both indoors and outdoors means you can move furniture inside and outside the home as the weather changes. That’s step one!

Tip #2 – Have a Well-Lit


A well-thought of lighting improves the functionality and appearance of a space. Choose bright overhead lights and soft bulbs for ambiance. Adding lighting accents to trees and sculptures works too!

Tip #3 – Use Decorative Flooring


Gone are the days of plain patio floors or concrete stepping stones. Choose beautiful tiles or paint your floors with stenciled design and you’ll bring them to life!

Tip #4 – Have a Painted Wall


Much like how accent walls function indoors, they will work wonders outdoors as well. Paint a wall of your yard or garden or perhaps a boundary wall and you’ll have a pop of color year-round!

Tip #5 – Define Areas by Using Rugs


Using a rug can anchor a space, and it works outdoors as well! You don’t have to spend much, just choose one which is easy to clean and can be left outside the whole day.

Tip #6 – Add in Some Pillows and Cushions Too!


Pillows add an informal vibe warmth to a space. It’s not just decorative, it is functional as well, especially cushions which can double as extra seating or lounging area. All that’s needed is you!

Tip #7 – Make a Lounge Area


We’ve already mentioned the rugs and cushions, so why not define an area for an outdoor lounge? It’s perfect for watching the day go by and enjoying the good weather. You can opt for a more formal layout by positioning armchairs around a coffee table or go bohemian with just cushions on the floor.  A lounge area is a great seating area for parties as well!

Tip #8 – Dress Up Your Table


Hurricane lamps, eclectic china, colourful dinnerware – they all are great decorative and functional aspects of an outdoor dining room. You’d surely enjoy having dinner alfresco every night!

Tip #9 – Go For an Eclectic Style


Just because you want your outdoor area to be an extension on your home does not mean it should be as formal. Mix and match what you have which can also be used outdoors and you’ll surely come up with a terrace or garden which is not only beautiful, but also has a lot of character!

Tip #10 – Continue Your Colour Scheme


This is perhaps the easiest trick in the box. Choose 3-5 colours and use it inside your home and then, use the same colours for your outdoor space. It doesn’t have to be the exact same hue but just same enough for everything to look cohesive and neat. This works for accents as well!

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