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Spring is in full swing and summer is just right the next corner, how ready are you for some awesome outdoor cooking? Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own edible herb garden? We’ve compiled 11 of the kitchen staple herbs which grows best during the spring and summer. Plant them in pots or directly on the ground with your ornamentals to give your garden a plush of green or to add flavour to your dishes. Whatever you do, you’ll surely love them!



Basil is not just tomato’s best friend, it also serves a beautiful and aromatic addition to your garden. With so many varieties all sporting bright green leaves, there’s always a type of basil for you!

Common Sage


There’s nothing common with common sage. Its velvety gray leaves are known to grow really lush, often filling containers to the brim; making it great for container gardening as well. All sage needs is a bit of sun and water, easy peasy!



Thyme is timeless and so easy to grow! Just mind that it spreads when planted on the ground so using containers might be the better option. However, if you are looking for a tasteful ground cover (make that tasty!), then thyme is the herb of choice.



Lavender has long been the favourite herb for a lot of gardeners and one of the reasons is that it is simply too easy to take care of. Bees like lavender as well so if you are looking for ways to attract them to your garden to help with pollination, then lavender is your new herb best friend. You’ll love lavender in cocktails too!



Dill is a sun-loving herb so summer is just about the right time to grow them from seed. It also loves rocky soil and can even grow back the following year if left alone, making it one of the best herb choices if you have poor soil quality and is not much of a gardener to begin with.



Oregano is one of the most fuss-free herbs out there. All you’ll really need is lots of sun, great drainage, a bit of water and some soil and you’ll be enjoying oregano for the whole summer. The same goes for its milder relative marjoram as well.



Mint is simply a must have! No dessert is ever complete without a sprig of mint, plus it performs well for salads too. Plant it indoors or outdoors where it can get a mix of sunlight and shade and it will surely thrive.



Rosemary is a perennial, which means you can plant it once and you’ll have years of herby-goodness to come your way! It does love the sun and thrives well in drier, warmer places so if you live where it can get pretty cold, you may want your rosemary in containers so you can easily bring it indoors when the weather turns cold.



Lemongrass shines in teas, soups, and more! This exotic strappy plant grows best with regular watering where it can get a mix of shade and sun; plus it ‘revives’ itself come spring too!



Parsley is a mild sun-loving herb which grows best in partially shaded areas. Use it to make your yummy dishes look more appetizing or add it to pasta dishes. The mild taste is heaven to the taste buds!



Tarragon has a sweet taste and aroma similar to that of licorice or anise. With many varieties such as the French, Russian, and Mexican tarragon, you won’t run out of choices for your garden. Better yet, plant all 3 varieties!

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