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If you’re someone who loves treehouses or the concept behind them, you’ll surely enjoy this post. In this blog, we’ll share with you 11 of the most awe-inspiring contemporary treehouse designs from all over the world. Set aside some of your time and splurge in this feast of nature-inspired architectural and design wonders.


Photo Credit: Baumraum

This egg-like treehouse in Northern Germany by Baumraum is built around two huge oak trees and features curved glass fronts, comfortable seating areas, and two terraces. The family who had this built surely got what they wanted and more!


Photo Credit: Blue Forest

This stunning treehouse from UK-based Blue Forest is designed to reduce noise pollution in the future using special insulation and other materials to ensure this treehouse is as quiet as can be. Don’t you love just how the structure resembles a real tree?


Photo Credit: Lukasz Kos

Just a few miles away from Oakville, this treehouse in Lake Muskoka, in Ontario looks like it is a huge Japanese lantern. Called the 4Treehouse, this structure created by Lukasz Koz was built around 4 fir trees and is a full 3-storey structure.


Photo Credit: TreeHouse People

Located in Nasu, Japan, this beautiful treehouse made by self-taught Takashi Kobayashi is made in such a way that it doesn’t stunt the tree’s growth. Isn’t that simply amazing?


Photo Credit: Mithun

This treehouse, or rather, tree building may be a little too big for most and it is indeed massive! Created for the Boy Scouts of America in 2013, this structure has recreation and education spaces as well as features wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, a water cleansing system, a large cistern, and is reinforced with a Corten Steel frame. Truly a marvel of sustainable technology!


Photo Credit: Ibuku

This Asian inspired treehouse called the Sharma Springs from Ibuku was fully made for the Sharma family as their very own jungle retreat. With 4 bedrooms spaced in its 6 levels, this giant bamboo treehouse also features open air living spaces, a tunnel-bridge entrance, circling staircases, custom-made shower stalls, and artisan stone table tops. Who says a jungle home should be less than luxurious?


Photo Credit: Joel Allen

This interesting treehouse with a ship-like design was created by software developer Joel Allen when he retired at the age of 26. Thinking he has a talent in carpentry, he ended up creating this beautiful structure at Whistler Mountain here in Canada and called it the Hemloft. Interesting trivia though, since he built this on land which he does not own, he’s now trying to find a way to reveal where exactly it is located without getting it teared down for legal purposes. We hope he succeeds in that!


Photo Credit: Blue Forest

Another Blue Forest project in this list is the Biodiversity Nest Treehouse located in England as part of the Eden Project in Cornwall. This structure is a combination of steel-framed decks and wood and is used as an educational space at the New Rainforest Canopy Walk.


Photo Credit: Dana + LeRoy

Japan always wows us with cute structures and this treehouse is no different! This cottage-like Tetsu Teahouse by Architect Terunobu Fujimori has a floor-hatch entrance and sliding wooden doors and shutters, perfect for a quiet tea-time afternoon!


Photo Credit: Tom Hare/Daniel Castledine

You would surely love to have something like this treehouse at your backyard but you may have to get a hold of UK artist Tom Hare to make that happen. This commissioned egg-like structure is made with willow branches and sits on top of a cherry tree at a private home.


Photo Credit: Konrad Wójcik

Last but certainly not the least is this Single Pole House called Primeval Symbiosis by interior designer and architecture student Konrad Wójcik. Created as the embodiment of the concept of coexisting with nature, this compact structure which is good for 2 to 4 persons has the functionality and structure of a tree but is purely man-made. Isn’t it almost magical?

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