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A small backyard can give you as much fun as a huge one if you know some key tips and tricks to turning it into an outdoor haven that’s just a few steps away from your home. Follow the Tips below for an awesome small backyard!

Use Scale Wisely

small backyard ideas

Using large-scale objects for your small backyard is going to make it look and feel even smaller. Small potted plants and sleek benches and tables are the way to go.

Create Several Zones

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It is best to arrange plants and outdoor furnishings into separate zones to highlight certain areas of your backyard and make it seem like it has more space than it really has.

Enclose Your Backyard

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This may seem like a counterproductive measure but by enclosing your backyard, you can make it feel like it is an extension of your home rather than a yard. How would you like an outdoor living room? This is a great idea more so for urban areas where a small yard isn’t really much.

Use Smart and Beautiful Lighting

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Multiple lighting can make a small space seem magical. Perhaps lighting over a table, along the walls, and some key areas will give your small backyard new life!

Create Terraces for a Sloping Yard

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To give a sloping yard the biggest surface area to work with, use terraces. Doing this can be quite expensive but the benefit is you will a lot of flat surfaces for outdoor activities and looks awesome too.

Use Your Yard as an Extension of an Indoor Space

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Do you feel that your family room or kitchen is too small and would love more of those spaces? Why not transform your backyard into an outdoor version of the indoor room you perceive lacking? This way, you’ll get a yard and extra room in one go!

Make Good Use of Focal Points

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Focal points can give your yard contrast, set the scale, and draw interest. It can also highlight or showcase a particularly pretty area of your yard.

Make the Best of Your View

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If your yard has a beautiful view, then keep fences low and plants on the sides of the view to frame it. On the other hand, if you have an unsightly view, then make use of climbing plants, trellises, and trees to hide it. Trellises are actually a lot better than fences because they are less obstructive, usually cheaper, and give you more room for improvement.

Ditch Clutter

small backyard ideas9

The more elements such as furnishings and plants your yard have, the more cluttered and small it can seem. Avoid this by just picking a few elements that you truly enjoy and arranging them in a flattering manner.

Play With Angles

small backyard ideas10

Angles can make small spaces look larger than they really are. Arrange outdoor furniture diagonally, make use of corners, and don’t be afraid to go for more natural flower beds.

Seek Professional Design Help

A yard designer can transform your small backyard into your dream outdoor space. Try to look up a few professionals in your area and request for a quote. Going for this tip can be one of the greatest investments you can do for your home.

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