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High ceilings lend a sense of grandeur and classic elegance to a home, but it often can make one’s home feel cold and even too stately (there’s such a thing!). To create the perfect balance between palatial ceilings and a homey abode, we’ve come up with these 11 ways to work with high ceilings to help you bring your ceilings to new heights without sacrificing having a warm and cozy home.

Bring On Outstanding Millwork

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes

A grand room benefits from grand scale level carpentry. Not only does a hefty dose of crown moulding define the ceiling, it adds interesting architectural detail too.

Go Dark

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes2

Ceilings that are painted dark or are made from a dark hued material reduces the perceived distance to the floor, making a room feel a little less overbearing.

Break the Height

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes3

A horizontal material or a paint line at a typical ceiling’s height can work wonders in a room with really high ceilings.

More Structure Please

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes4

Exposed trusses create architectural importance when done right to relate well to your existing structure. Go for beams or arches to complement your home’s existing structure.

Window Shape Plays a Role

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes5

A curve on top of tall windows can help bring the ceiling height down a notch while adding interesting detail.

Add Window Details

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes6

Different arrangements of mullions and muntins make a huge wall of windows more homey in a sophisticated and timeless manner.

Go for a Design Twist

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes7

Combine different types of artistic and decorative elements to break up a huge wall. By combining straight lines and organic shapes, you’ll help bring the upper portion of your high walls lower.

Material Change

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes8

Changing the wall’s material halfway up can help highlight your home’s other features besides high ceilings. You may choose to repeat material such as wood used for your floors unto your walls to break up an expansive wall in style.

Create a Zone

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes9

Creating a more intimate zone such as by using drop lights to define a specific area or a cooktop hood over the cooking station makes for an instant home makeover.

Bring on Large Scale Art

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes10

Large art pieces that are bold are perfect for huge and high walls. Not only do they add colour, but they also add warmth and make a space feel more intimate.

Add Lights

high ceiling ideas for luxury homes11

For high ceilings with textural elements and exposed structural design, adding lights will further enhance these interesting details and make them more intriguing.

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