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You don’t need to follow some top secret designer tips or read from a handbook to make your home look better. Even designers often go with what looks organic and feel right when spicing up a space. With that said, there are a few tips and tricks of the trade to help ensure a harmonious space. Take a look below and find one or a few decorating tips that can work for you!

Choose Paint Colour Last

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Most people would want the walls to be already painted in a new colour prior to moving but it would be wiser to wait until you have everything you want in a room before changing the paint colour. This is because different lighting can have a huge effect on paint colour, even if you will use all the same art and furniture.

Avoid Over Crowding a Room

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There is no need to stuff a room to make it seem warm and lived-in. Strive for better-quality pieces that you can mix and match with your other furniture should you decide to switch up furnishings. Gracious living is all about enjoying your space.

Hang Artwork Like a Boss

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Artwork should be hung at 57 to 60 inches from the floor (just like in art galleries) because that is where the average adult human’s eye level is. No matter if you’ve got low or vaulted ceilings, this trick works.

Arrange Furniture on A Rug Like a Pro

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Arranging furniture on a rug can get tricky, but not if you can follow the 3 basic ways. You can opt to go all on, all off, or just the front on. The key is consistency so things do not look out of place.

Don’t Go Too Theme-y

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Themes are basically fads, they come and go and often have the look of being high maintenance. You can achieve a themed look but still maintain a sense of individuality by only taking some elements of the theme you like and incorporating those to your space. A Cape Cod theme can be tapered down to a coastal vibe and still look amazing.

Always Have a Focal Point

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Having a focal point anchors a room. It also reduces visual clutter and gives the impression of a well-maintained space. Choose something that draws attention such as a mantel or a fireplace and decorate around that. This can make even DIY-designed rooms seem professionally done.

Free Sight Lines

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Focal points should be easily seen from one room to the next, or at least seen from the entrance of a room. People should feel drawn into entering a room for something interesting.

Don’t Hoard Collectibles

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Okay, you can have a whole box of collectibles but there is no need to display them all at once. Too much accessorizing can simply look cheap. Once you’ve done a space, take a second look and see what piece you can take out. Simply know when to stop.

Mind Scales and Proportions

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Just because something is so tiny or huge does not mean it can’t be used together with other decors. Group small objects together (in odd numbers) to provide a beautiful contrast to big ones. It is all about scale and proportion!

Layer Your Lighting

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Layers of lighting can add interest to what you want to stand out, as opposed to just having one source of light for the entire room. If you cannot install new wiring, go for lamps both big and small to vary the light.

Be Bold and Daring

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Don’t be afraid to add unexpected elements to create drama. This shows you have your own statement and style. Mix and match things, take photos, and go with what looks the most balanced and put together.

Break Principles and Be Creative

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Guidelines are there to simply serve as a starting point. Over designed rooms can look outdated and feel boring. Go with what brings a smile to your face, after all, you’ll be the one living in your place.

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