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Renovating a home or looking for a new one but not sure which kitchen style to go for? Take a look at the 12 kitchen styles. We shared some bits on what makes them appealing and unique. Choose which one suits your personality and needs the best. We’ve added photos for you to see what inspires you the most!

Farmhouse Kitchen Style

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Farmhouse kitchens are warm and homey abodes that speak of a life anchored on the land. They are comfortable and functional, often with wide sinks, classic flooring, open shelving, and a big kitchen table for practicality. They’re very easy to love.

Rustic Kitchen Style

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Rustic kitchens look rough-hewn, distressed, and worn but not in a dowdy sort of way. They are as popular as the classic white kitchen design and are often sporting fireplaces and vintage appliances in a design that incorporates a lot of brick, stone, and timber.

Modern Kitchen Style

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What defines modern can vary widely, more so in kitchen design. The common denominators are sleek and simple hardware, frameless cabinets, and strong lines bordering on industrial; all letting the natural appeal of the materials to shine through.

Traditional Kitchen Style

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Traditional kitchens are easily spotted by their details which include raised-panel cabinets, decorative mouldings and corbels, possibly a chandelier, use of furniture-like legs, arches, and perhaps some antique finishes. The look can vary from old-world or classic American, but they often can be injected with the owner’s personal style and still look traditional.

Contemporary Kitchen Style

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Contemporary kitchens are very sleek, even more so than modern ones. They celebrate structure but do not sacrifice finishes and forms. Some may even incorporate elements of other kitchen styles!

Transitional Kitchen Style

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Transitional kitchens are a mix of traditional and contemporary kitchen styles, often using clean lines but throwing in some traditional design. Transitional kitchens offer you flexibility and would work great with most home designs.

Craftsman Kitchen Style

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Craftsman kitchen is originated in the Victorian era and is characterised by handcrafted tiles, built-ins, and rich woods. It is a simple and warm style that feels homey but looks elegant. 

Cottage Kitchen Style

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Cottage kitchens are unpretentious, happy, and cosy places. It evokes a sense of carefree easy living with its use of vintage hardware, soft colours, colourful accents, curtains, bead boards, and wood floors. Cottage kitchens certainly exude comfort and warmth!

Paris Bistro Kitchen Style

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A little Parisian style is bound to bring life to any home. A striped awning, tile floors, some pretty cookware on display, and intimate kitchen lighting can help you achieve a Parisian style vibe without breaking the bank.

Classic Kitchen Style

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Although there is no exact definition of what a classic kitchen should look like, most designers would agree that simple architectural details, white or cream walls, and a few black accents are the typical features of a classic kitchen style. This style can be easily personalised too.

Mediterranean Kitchen Style

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Mediterranean kitchens have warm wood cabinets, hand-painted tiles, flared hoods, beamed ceilings, and arched cooking alcoves reminiscent of the Spanish influence this kitchen has. The style typically goes well with stone facades and is making a huge comeback in beach properties.

Eclectic Kitchen Style

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Not a fan of any particular kitchen style? Then go for mixing and matching the elements that you do like to create a kitchen that is truly you!

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