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It definitely is spring in Oakville and what better way to usher in the season than by jazzing up your home’s curb appeal? We’ve compiled a short list of curb appeal hacks for you to try. Pick one or pick a few, it’s really up to you!

Wow With You Front Door

Your front door speaks volumes about how people would perceive your home. Paint your front door a rich colour or replace the hardware with something more aesthetically pleasing. Even just hanging a seasonal wreath works wonders!

Curb Be Green!


Adding plants on the street side of your fence creates more depth and makes your yard seem a lot larger. Don’t have a fence? Plant perennials which can double up as fences!

What’s Your Number?


Large house numbers which are clearly visible from afar are more welcoming and lends a touch of class to your home. Tie up the design with your door’s hardware for a more elegant look, and oh, your mailman would love you too!

Let There Be Blooms!

Place groups of flower pots on your porch. Besides adding colour and beauty to your home, using flower pots for your spring blooms means they would be easy to switch up too.

Extend Your Living Space


Ever heard of outdoor living rooms? If you have quite a bit of space at your front yard, consider adding a seating area for a fun and cool hangout zone. You can go all out with a gazebo or try some benches arranged around a sunken fire pit. Whatever you choose, they’re all good!

Make Your Grass Greener


A uniformly green lawn makes your home a lot more welcoming than spending thousands on outdoor décor. Spring is the best time to mulch flower beds and to reseed your lawn to give your yard a fresh and polished look.

Tend To Your Home’s Crowning Glory

Getting a pro-roofer for a roof touch-up can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. It’s really like sporting a brand new beautiful haircut, but for your home.

Give Your Windows Some Love

Spring is the best time to clean your windows and sidings and make them sparkle like new again. Think of it as a house face-lift. For an added jazz, make sure to clean both sides of the window for that fresh sparkling look.

Amp Up Flower Power


We love flowers for colour, but we also love them for their scent. Use herbs and flowers such as roses, jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle, rosemary, and lavender to make passing by your home a treat to the senses.

Give Your Garage and Driveway a Makeover


A simple paint job, some tidying up, and good lighting can turn a ho-hum garage to a vavavoom one. The same goes for your driveway so make sure to not leave them out of your spring beautifying routine!

Bring On The Curves!


If the walkway to your front door is just a straight or a straight slab of concrete, a weekend project of making a curving path is all you need to have an instantly jazzed up home façade. Curves appeal to the eye and gives the illusion of more space so you better take advantage of that!

Install a Porch Swing


This home façade feature never gets old and you have to admit that there’s just something about a white porch swing which makes any home look and feel more warm and inviting. Can’t install a porch swing? Rocking chairs have the same effect too; now all you need is some cold drink and you’ll be happily swinging or rocking at your porch while enjoying the good weather.

Get a Night Lighting Upgrade


Don’t you just love passing by homes with some seriously beautifully lit exteriors? Why not do the same for your home? Simply call a professional to install additional lights in strategic places such as your pathway and flower beds and you’ll surely love it.

Want to live in a community with beautiful homes? That’s what we have in Oakville? Go through our list of available luxury homes and see what we mean. If you want a closer look, simply contact us and we’ll schedule a viewing. Here’s to a beautiful spring! Cheers!

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