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Hey everyone! It’s May! And just as we are excited to fire up the grill and enjoy the sun, it is that time of the year when plenty of us  have to go through some home improvement and home maintenance tasks as homeowners. We’re sharing with you 14 of our must-dos checklist below. Make sure that what applies to your home gets done as early as you can so you’ll have more time to savour the late spring and early summer weather!

Fresh Coat of Paint


Hey, there is no better time to have your house painted than now. The mild weather makes the task easier as well as gives you a lot of time to enjoy your home’s new look before the snow begins falling later in the year.

Freshen Up Bedrooms


It’s time to flip your mattresses! Swap heavier fabrics and blankets with more summery and lighter ones for a clutter free feel. Don’t forget to clean up all winter beddings before storage!

Check Safety Devices


This means testing out if your carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers are all working or is non-expired. Don’t forget to replace batteries!

Clean Downsprouts and Gutters

Leaves and debris usually accumulate during the winter so this is definitely a must clean now that spring’s here!

Do A Bath Makeover

A new towel rack, a fresh coat of paint, or even a new mirror coupled with some fresh flowers can do wonders for your bath if you cannot do a full bathroom makeover but want it to look fresh and new.

Garage and Shed Clean Out


Homeowners often used sheds and garages as extra storage areas and so a lot of junk and clutter can accumulate on these areas. That’s why they need a much needed clean out. Already clean? Then maybe a bit of organizing can be done as well!

Interior Paint Touch Up


You don’t have to break the bank and paint everything, but you can certainly freshen up your home’s interiors by noting spots where paint has chipped or may be in need of a touch up. A newly painted door or trim can make an entire room look brand new!

Check Your Irrigation Systems

Not everyone may have to do this but if you have to, act now! It’s as easy turning on each hose to see if any has a leak. That’s it!

Check for Fire Hazards

This does not only apply to those who live in a dry and hot climate. Wherever you are, it’s always prudent to follow the local fire safety standards in your area and to keep landscaping away from the sides of your home.

Maintain Cooling and Heating Systems

Whether you are into DYIng or hiring a pro, making sure that your cleaning and heating systems are cleaned out once a year.

Outdoor Kitchen Makeover


If you have a grill, we call that an outdoor kitchen! Give your grill some good ol’scrubbin and see if it’s working to ‘prepare’ yourself for grilling season! Bring on summer!

Repair and Clean Windows and Screens


Bugs can sneak into the tiniest of openings so it is only wise to ensure they get repaired before bugs discover the hole. Cleaning and repairing windows and screens can also do wonders for your power bill.

Reupholster or Repaint Furniture

Sometimes, all a piece of furniture needs is some new fabric or a fresh coat of paint and it will be as good as new. Slipcovers works too!

Take a Trip

Taking a trip or planning one would push you to be more motivated to get things done. Bonus points? You’ll totally miss your home while you’re away.

All of these awesome tips would not be as awesome without a beautiful home, so take a look at best luxury homes in Oakville to take your pick. Don’t hesitate to contact us or any one from the Goodale Miller Team to schedule a viewing or just to know more. Who know? You may just find your dream home this season!

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