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They say that first impressions lasts, and this is especially true when it comes to picking out the colour scheme for your home and how you’ll use the said colours to make your living space your very own.  Ask yourself, “what do I want to see?” and you’ll soon be filled with creative ideas to transform your home into your dream space. Below are some strategies we’ve compiled to help you achieve that!

Use Light to Your Advantage


Seeing colours is really nothing but seeing different wavelengths of light, and as such, you can create the ambiance you want by making colour work with whatever lighting you’ve got. To accomplish this, you will want to emphasize the natural focal points at your home and to do that, you’ll need to see your home in a whole new light (no pun intended).

Approach your home as a stranger would. Note which areas naturally draws your eyes towards it and make that the strongest points at every room of the house. This way, entering your home will become an ‘experience’ in itself for first time visitors. By doing so, you’ll be able to maximise the use of your space to its utmost potential.

Make Entering Your Home a Pleasant Experience


The entrance to every home is usually one of the busiest places in the house. It is often where things gets dropped off and can look very cluttered, more so if you are using the wrong colour.

Here’s some insight into what colour can do for your foyer: yellow walls can create a positive sense of space as well as make your walls seem closer together, creating a welcoming warmth. Light and cool colours such as white and light blue can expand the size of a space, a great colour solution for cramped foyers.

But remember, this is just not about colour. Make sure that your foyer is as clutter free and as clean as possible. You wouldn’t want esteemed guests to be tripping over power cords and toys wouldn’t you?

Make the Sun Your Friend


By picking wall colours that optimise natural light, not only will you cut your power bill by a significant percentage but will also invoke a welcoming glow to everyone who would be using a room. Great colour choices would be a warm gray or perhaps any colour with a hint of gold for rooms that do not get much sun. You’d be surprised at what the strategic use of wall colour can do for your space!

Create a Visual Path With Colour


Using a certain colour throughout your whole place does not only create a sense of unity but it also helps the eye transition seeing from one space to the next in a fluid manner.

Pick a colour or a colour family and add that as a design element for every room. This creates a continuity that is easy on the eye and can make your home effortlessly look more put together.

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