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It is a common misconception that spacious bedrooms such as those usually found in higher-end homes are a bit lacking in intimacy and coziness, making them far from being romantic bedrooms. This month of hearts, we’ll help you turn your spacious bedroom into one of your very own most romantic destinations by choosing the right hues. Yes, it is possible! Just take a look below!

Invoke Sensuality with Rich Earthy Browns

Romantic Bedroom Colours

Warm and cool shades of brown have a certain depth to them that invokes sensuality. Earthy browns are perfect on their own or to serve as background for any of the brighter colours that we’ll mention later.

To best showcase earthy browns and give your room some balance, try pairing them with very light cream or white to avoid a look that’s too dark and mysterious. Remember that you’re aiming for sexy, not scary!

Not sure about making a huge leap going for a brown bedroom? You can still enjoy earthy brown hues by playing up wooden design and décor in your bedroom. Perhaps go for a palette accent wall in a white room. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

Create Drama with Deep Blues

Romantic Bedroom Colours2

It is a design misconception that only warm rich colours create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Think of the colour of the deep ocean or how the night sky looks during a full moon; doesn’t the colour allude to a mystery inviting you to seek more of it?

Create drama with deep blues by painting your accent wall or your bedroom ceiling in a dark shade of blue. You can also go for dark blue satin sheets for the colour’s undeniable sexiness and appeal.

Amp up the Romance  with Purples and Plums

Romantic Bedroom Colours3

Plums and purples have a soothing yet energising quality to them. Far from creating a gloomy bedroom, balancing purples and plums with more neutral tones like browns or whites will create a romantic vibe.

Purples and plums look great in the glow of a fireplace or candlelight. Bring on the romance!

Tantalize with Very Dark Green

Romantic Bedroom Colours4

Dark forest green or a teal that’s more blue than green can balance out a bedroom that has high energy elements, giving the bedroom a zen-like quality that invite cuddling and touching. This is due to the grounding romantic ambiance the colour imparts to a room.

Ignite Sparks with Luscious Oranges

Romantic Bedroom Colours5

Do you know that there was a UK survey that found out that people who have orangey or caramel bedrooms have more sex? That means luscious oranges aren’t off putting at all, they’ve only been mislabeled as too warm, too orange, or too brown in the past.

Perhaps try a tame caramel or a terracotta shade. You might end up surprised at how a little warm glow can ignite the fires of passion in your bedroom!

Are you in the mood for giving your bedrooms a luxury makeover? Try our tips on the 8 ways to create decadent bedrooms! Should you feel that you’re ready to sell or perhaps move in to a stunning Oakville home, just contact us and we’ll help you make that happen!


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