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No luxury home would be complete without bedroom havens that offer comfort and relaxation to guests and homeowners, but how does one go about designing a luxury bedroom? Are expensive and designer pieces all that’s needed or is there something more?

Do you know that most people spend between a third to a half of their entire life in the bedroom? No doubt that the bedroom deserves to be everyone’s private sanctuary where you can just be yourself and let go of the stressors and challenges of everyday life. Below are some tips on how you can design your luxury bedroom as your ultimate private space.

Layer Your Lighting

Lighting is a huge part of any room so you must definitely  splurge on lighting for your bedroom. Layer your sources of light so that you can customize the feel of your room to suit your mood. Aside from overhead lighting, install some pendant lights, decorate with lamps, and don’t shy away from a chandelier or two. If you have a reading nook, be sure to install appropriate lighting for that area of your room too.

Consider a Lounge Area

If space is not an issue in your bedroom, consider a lounge area for that hotel suite feel. You can position the lounge area near the door for a transition space between the rest of the house and your bedroom or maybe situate it in front of the fireplace or a large window. The idea is to have your very own private sitting area where you can read a book, enjoy some quiet time, or just relax.

Invest in Your Bed Linen

Nothing beats lying on a bed with freshly washed sheets, more so when you have high-quality linen that rivals those in very expensive hotels. High-quality linen comes in numerous designs and colours these days so you won’t have to settle for plain white unless white is exactly what you want. Don’t forget to layer your pillows for the ultimate luxury experience in bed.

Incorporate Natural Light

As much as some people would love for the bedroom to be a cozy and dim room, there are a lot of benefits to flooding it with natural light. Exposure to natural light during the day can make you sleep better at night; so you better plan for huge windows that can give you all the light you want when needed. You can always install blackout blinds and curtains to block out the sun if you need to sleep during the day but you can’t swap artificial light for natural light - there is simply no contest.

Install a Real Fireplace

Although some use LED panels to simulate fireplaces because they don’t want to be hassled by wood and smoke, you can still have a flaming fireplace without worrying about that by installing a gas fireplace. Choose from a traditional fireplace to more modern rectangular ones or have one installed between your ensuite and the master bedroom.

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