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If you’re trying to find some green ways to keep the pests off your lawn and plants, you’ve come to the right place. From making use of hot peppers and garlic to using Listerine to keep bugs off your plants, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get a green lawn and give bugs the kick. If you’re trying to sell your luxury home for sale or you just want to get more out of your garden, it’s time to start learning! Let’s get started and see what else you can do to keep your lawn looking slick all year long.

Give Caterpillars the Kick

Using a hot pepper or garlic spray you can get rid of caterpillars, spider mites and more – many common leaf eaters will absolutely hate the capsaicin you find in hot peppers. If you live in a hot and humid environment with lots of rain you’ll want to spray about 2x a week. If you live somewhere dry you can go about 2 weeks between sprayings, but you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the undersides of the leaves – the little critters can hide there too!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be used to keep fungus off your leaves and the usual suspects that want to go nom nom nom on your leaves. It’s also a fantastic air freshener when you’re having some funky problems around certain areas like garbage cans – but remember that it has a super strong smell and can get a little overpowering.

Go Vinegar

Vinegar has been used for thousands of years for its natural cleaning power, and you can use it to get rid of weeds that plague your lawn. If you mix up a 1:1 water/vinegar mixture you’ll be able to give dandelions the squirt and they’ll be gone. Not everyone wants to use super strength roundup on their yard, and you can just kill them in a targeted way; mix it up in a spray bottle and spray weeds at the root for a few days. It may take 5-7 days to kill them, but it works great against

Get Salty

Using salt on weeds that pop up on paths are some of the best things you can do to get rid of them. Salting your walkways regularly will act as a natural pesticide to keep your paths clear, and it can really help you save money when you’re trying to spruce up luxury real estate or luxury homes for sale. This way you’ll be able to make sure that you’re getting your paths clear and shiny.

Planting marigolds and anise can help you avoid herbicides and pest control altogether, and it never hurts to pick any dead leaves you find to prevent the spread of plant diseases. Just pay attention to what’s going on on the ground and you’ll be good to go. 

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