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Do you know that a well-designed kitchen is often the key deciding factor when someone is shopping for a new home? A lovely kitchen’s appeal can’t be denied, more so when the kitchen is not only beautiful but is a chef’s dream as well. This is something to keep in mind especially these days that a kitchen isn’t just for plain cooking anymore. It has claimed its previous spot as the heart of the home where family members spend a lot of their time.

If you have a luxury kitchen that is already blessed with a beautiful layout and top of the line appliances, the following are recommended luxury kitchen upgrades to really bring your kitchen to the next level.

Elegant Lighting

Most people think of functionality when designing lighting for a luxury kitchen but that isn’t enough anymore. Given the fact that kitchen these days are major family hubs, the lighting should also be beautiful and fit for a kitchen made for entertaining guests. This means that aside from the typical under cabinet lighting plus adding lights to key areas, you should consider adding rope lighting, automated lighting, in-cabinet lighting, as well as have the option to dim or change the mood of the lighting depending on the occasion.

Knives Fit for a Chef

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High-quality knives are often overlooked when shopping for a luxury kitchen but having great knives are something that can make a ton of difference in your kitchen experience. Top quality knives can make food preparation a breeze and when used right, can highlight how fresh and fine the ingredients you use are. Some knives can cost in the thousands of dollars but the craftsmanship and how much better your kitchen experience will be is worth it.

Cooktop for a Chef

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You don’t have to be a great cook to deserve chef grade stove and range. In fact, you need it even more if you’re not professionally trained. A great stove and range is a godsend when you’re cooking for a crowd. If you’re just learning to cook, it will help you produce better results.

Automated Tap

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Some bathroom sinks already have touchless faucets so why not get one for your kitchen too? When you’ve just handled chicken, raw fish, and the like, the last thing you want is to have to turn on the tap with your dirty hands. With an automated tap, touchless technology that is activated by a motion sensor will automatically turn on the tap and possibly adjust the water flow. A small detail that is worthy of any luxury kitchen!

Rotating Shelves

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A luxury kitchen often has deep corner cabinets. In order to make sure that you can utilize all available space, consider using a Lazy Susan or a sort of rotating shelf that is customized for your space. If you find the right contractor, you can even have them turn at the touch of a button!

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