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Stepping into a hotel is akin to stepping into a foreign land with all the goodness of home; but stepping into the hallways of these history-rich luxury hotels in Asia is akin to stepping into a foreign land steeped with all the flavours that surviving a war or two brings. Bask in a new kind of luxury as we take you into a short journey through time as you read about 5 of Asia’s Historic Luxury Hotels.

The Peninsula Hong Kong, Kowloon


For more than 85 years and counting, the Peninsula Hong Kong has stood witness to how Hong Kong grew and prospered throughout the decades. Although a lot of luxury hotels has stemmed up from the once humble streets of Hong Kong at present time, those who have a romantic heart and a weakness for old world luxury will find the Peninsula as ravishing as it is when it first opened its doors decades ago. Don’t be fooled though, although the hotel retained its old-world colonial charm, it is as tech-savvy as any modern luxury hotel can get and even has its own technology and research lab.

Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur


Taj Rambagh or Rambagh Palace is the royal blood of heritage properties. It was once the centre of Rajasthani royalty and is a known residence for the aristocrats of Jaipur. Built in 1835 for the queen’s favourite handmaiden, the palace is now home to the ‘modern royals’ of Indian society such as Indian billionaires and Bollywood stars.

Hotel Majestic Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City


Care for a James bond kind of hotel? The Hotel Majestic Saigon’s has seen it all; double agents, international espionage and the fall and rise of political parties as Vietnam rose to its present position. Throughout time, the hotel remained as special as it was when it was first opened decades ago. Looking at the beautifully sculpted archways and elegant columns at the Hotel Majestic Saigon, you can’t help but be taken back to the heyday of French architecture in Southeast Asia. No wonder political leaders from all over the world names Hotel Majestic Saigon as their favourite hotel in Vietnam.

Astor House Hotel (Pujiang Hotel), Shanghai


The Astor House Hotel is the home of many firsts in Chinese history. It is the first ever establishment to have its own electrical lights, running water, have western motion pictures and install a telephone. The majestic hotel straddles China’s history in the way that although it is considered as the first modern hotel in China and thus a part of pre-modern China, it also reflects characteristics of old-China through its ties with the Qing dynasty. This fact makes Astor House Hotel stand as a symbol of China’s first moves towards westernization. Empresses and emperors as well as celebrities like Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin has spent the night at the Astor House Hotel, making the hotel not only a symbol of class and luxury but also of prestige and distinction.

Windamere Heritage Hotel, Darjeeling


Known as Himalayas’ Original Heritage Hotel, this boarding house for bachelor tea planters which was founded in the 1880s has come a long way to be considered as a luxury hotel nowadays. Much of the hotel is bathed in precious antiques, from bathroom fixtures to linens and décor; it gives the impression of staying over at a rich family’s ancestral estate with all the heirloom pieces strewn all over the place. For someone who breathes history and loves a good tea, then this cozy haven is a must see Asian historic luxury hotel for sure.

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