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Do you know that the dominant colour in your home plays a big role in securing a sale? If you’re planning on selling your home and want to ensure that you pick paint colours that would be the most appealing to buyers, keep on reading!

The first step in preparing a home for sale is to give it a new wash of colour because repainting a home is the most affordable way to give it a makeover that would give the most impact. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake to choose paint colours that appeal to you personally and not really your future buyers.

When preparing a home for sale or when you’re staging a home, you have to pick hues that would complement each room and highlight the architectural details. You want the paint to be neutral enough to not be distracting but also sophisticated enough to fit right in with your luxury real estate. Below are our top picks so that you can show your home in the best light possible.

Create Light with Neutral Creamy White

Home Staging Colour Ideas

You want to pick a white that is neither too warm or too cool to avoid looking like old paint or seem too stark. One way to use creamy whites while avoiding a  look that’s too flat is to use a whiter shade for trims. You can also pair this with any of the colours below!

Play up the Drama with Charcoal

Home Staging Colour Ideas2

Few would turn to a colour as dark as charcoal when thinking of a neutral hue, but a dark charcoal can work great for an accent wall or to serve as background for bright details such as metallics, yellows, and oranges. A charcoal wall would also provide good contrast to an all white décor or serve as backdrop to a stunning art piece.

Go Modern Neutral with Greige

Home Staging Colour Ideas3

Greige is a gray with a warm or beige undertone. It is the perfect choice for a lot of rooms because it can lighten up a space while adding depth and dimension. It is also perceived as a sophisticated hue that can work for both feminine or masculine décor. Try greige for a powder room or a guest room and see how you like it!

Keep it Classy with Navy

Home Staging Colour Ideas4

If you’re going for a look that speaks maturity, refinement, and luxury, navy would be the colour for you. Used as the main colour or even for just an accent wall, it can perfectly complement wood and white furnishings as well as make a room feel more cozy yet airy at the same time.

Be Unique with Bird’s Egg Blue

Home Staging Colour Ideas5

If you’re looking for a happy medium between white, greige, charcoal, and navy, then bird’s egg blue is the best option for you. It is the perfect pale blue with hints of smokiness but also with a warm undertone. It is a soothing colour with just the right brightness for any room of the house.

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