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Using reclaimed wood is one of today’s hottest trends when it comes to home improvement and renovation, and we’d like to share why! Aside from the vintage charm and solid good looks it lends to any home, there’s more reasons to use reclaimed wood than the obvious. Read on below to find out why else you should give using reclaimed wood a try!

Create Unique Pieces

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Pieces made from reclaimed wood are not only unique because they are mostly customized, but they are also near impossible to duplicate. Why? The wood used in most projects using reclaimed woods are from more dense older trees, perhaps even trees that are no longer used for lumber these days. This gives reclaimed wood an unmatchable character and a truly unique rustic charm that can warm up any home. Other than that, having pieces made from no longer available lumber is near priceless!

It Gives a Sense of History

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Reclaimed wood has the marks of time embedded on every fibre. Sometimes the wood would have nail marks, burn marks, scratches, and discolorations – all with a tale behind it. Wouldn’t it be lovely to find out that your floors are actually recycled parquet from a centuries-old house? Or that your cabinet’s wood once served as a beam in a long-forgotten church? It’s the little bits and stories that come with it that makes using reclaimed wood so interesting!

Instant Vintage

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If you’re a fan of having vintage furniture or just like the vintage look and feel, than you should get yourself some reclaimed wood! No amount of ageing, sanding, nor painting can recreate an authentic vintage feel like reclaimed wood. True, it may be quite labour intensive to prepare the used wood for another project, but the character it has and the beauty it adds to any space is simply worth it.

Provides an Interesting Contrast to Sleek Modern Industrial Style

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The details in reclaimed wood makes it stand out when used in homes and projects that has a more modern feel. Perhaps it’s all about being taken by surprise by something totally unexpected, or perhaps because it adds a warm rustic feel to the rather hard and cold energy projected by modern design styles. However you describe it, the contrast created by using reclaimed wood is a sure treat to the senses!

Reclaimed Wood Makes for an Awesome Tabletop

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Don’t feel that you’re limited to using old wooden tables to ‘recreate’ modern tabletops from reclaimed wood. You can use barn doors, old floors, beams, or even butcher blocks to create a truly unique tabletop for your home. Don’t think that this only works for the dining table, you can certainly use old wood to make tabletops for displaying art, for coffee tables, for a kitchen counter top, or maybe a rustic kitchen island as well!

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