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You might expect kitchens amongst the filthy rich to still be boxed structures which seldom sees the light of day but think again. Far from being one of the hidden spaces inside the house, luxury kitchens are fast becoming one of the major focal points in the houses of the rich. Read on below to find out more about the latest luxury kitchen trends amongst wealthy buyers who seldom cook to see which kitchen ideas sells for luxury homes.

Out With the White

luxury ktichen

Kitchens are traditionally light-coloured or often all-white or all-wood in houses and mansions of years gone by, but with the kitchen not limited to the help and the house’s denizens anymore, the all-white-coloured kitchen is being replaced by rich colours and dark cabinetry (think office cabinets!).

Marbles Be Gone?

luxury kitchen 2

Sure, marble countertops and floorings are still in-vogue-ish but the truly stylish luxury kitchens of today makes use of materials which you would seldom see in a kitchen just a few years ago. Hardwood floors, exotic stone countertops, and even metallic finishes are just some of the new luxury features to be seen inside the kitchens of the rich.

Commercial-Grade Appliances

lux kitchen

Why would people who seldom cook have commercial-grade kitchen appliances? The answer is partying! It is true that the very wealthy set may not cook or even set foot in their kitchen but they do host parties and gatherings with scrumptious food prepared by their private chef at home. No self-respecting world-class chef would of course cook in a subpar kitchen, so don’t be surprised to see burners, refrigerators, and ovens which are comparable to what you would see inside a 5-star hotel’s kitchen in today’s luxury kitchens. This makes both the wealthy homeowner and caterers very happy.

A Butler’s Pantry and Kitchen

butlers pantry

Catering and cooking for a grand dinner at home can mean a lot of activity in the main kitchen so some houses may also have a butler’s pantry or a butler’s kitchen aside from the main one. This luxury space often has all the amenities of a full kitchen and is a great bonus when house hunting especially for people who may cook from time to time but don’t want to use the large main kitchen.

An Open Layout

luxury kitchen 3

As mentioned earlier, kitchens are no longer hidden boxes inside the homes of the wealthy. Luxury kitchens are often laid out in an open manner and often without doors. The kitchen island has also evolved from a small table to a large counter area which may be altogether absent in a luxury home as the trend for an open kitchen becomes more sellable.

Luxury Finishes

Now, we did mention refrigerators and high-end kitchen appliances, but who wants to see those? In luxury kitchens these days, appliances and kitchen features can be masqueraded with the use of luxury finishes which can make them look like oak cabinets or even a flat feature wall. It is not uncommon to have normal-looking cabinets to house warming drawers to keep the food hot, refrigerated drawers for storing vegetables, in-wall wine-pouring devices and cappuccino makers, and even disappearing multiple-dishwashers. What more can you ask for?

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