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Beautiful interiors don’t just happen by themselves. A room will typically have a natural focal point that simply draws your eyes as soon as you enter but how you dress up or decorate your room’s focal point can set the mood and tone for your space.

Whether it is your light fixture, a special texture, or an architectural feature, shining a bit of extra light on one of these elements is bound to create beautiful and interesting interiors for you. Below are ways to achieve a flawless focal point that makes everything else in the same room look extra special as well.

Amp Up an Architectural Feature

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A fireplace is a good example of a central element that can help you position furniture in a room. By designing a space that revolves around the fireplace and choosing furniture in a colour that complements it, you’ll be transforming the room into one cohesive visual feast.

One thing to note when using an architectural feature as a focal point is that it has to be substantial enough to be noticed but not too huge or it can overpower everything else.

Rock an Artwork Piece

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Placing a piece of artwork in the right position creates an instant focal point that makes everything else in the room shine together. Choose artwork with the right tone and size. Scale is very important, but colour is just as important as well. You won’t want an artwork that clashes with the rest of your room or other artwork pieces, so be sure to pick just one to emphasize. Bold pieces look fantastic against neutral furniture and walls while a series of prints can also work if they share at least a few elements such as colour scheme, frame, or theme.

Show Off a Beautiful View

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If you happen to have a beautiful view, then you’re in luck! Showcase your window and allow visitors to take in the majestic view that you see every day! For this to work, stick to neutral and minimalist furniture. You’ll be thanking yourself later!

Use Texture Shamelessly

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Yes, be unapologetic about it! Monochromatic rooms can be given depth and character by choosing texture to create a focal point. Just remember, shiny and smooth objects are for creating a cool vibe while raised textures (especially if soft) is for adding warmth.

Pick a Pattern

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Beautiful patterns can make striking focal points. If your space lacks architectural features, you can use stone or perhaps some interesting tiles to make a bold statement.

Organic patterns in subtle colours and flowing visuals just like in granite can make a room feel vibrant and alive without any need for other decorative elements. You can simply choose to highlight focal points like this by installing lights that are cleverly placed to direct the eye. When used correctly, this decorating tip can make a room look and feel a lot bigger.

Love Colour

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Adding an unexpected dose of colour to dull, lifeless hallways and rooms with no windows always works! To use colour for dressing up a focal point, keep in mind that some colours can draw attention while some can redirect it somewhere else. By emphasizing some features with the use of paint, or colour-coordinating décor, you can attract the eye to create a focal point that’s worth looking it!

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