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Are you thinking of or planning to sell your home in the near future? If you are, there is no better time than now to start making it look better for potential buyers as well as yourself. It pays to start preparations early and be ready with your best foot forward when planning to sell your home. Try the following fast and easy home improvement projects to improve your curb appeal. All can be done on a weekend so they won’t take much time nor budget!

Clean Slate Clean Up

Tidying things up can enhance your home’s curb appeal exponentially. This can be done in just a weekend or two depending on how large your home is and how much there is to clean up. Cleaning the front yard, trimming plants, perhaps washing the driveway and/or walls will only take a weekend especially with the help of a power washer that you can rent for a DIY or hire for a day.

Go for Neutral Porch and Patio Furniture

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If you have a porch or patio that’s visible to potential visitors, it is best to simplify your exterior furniture by going for neutral tones. Not only are they easy on the eyes and appeal to more people, they can easily be switched too when you want so it is a double win.

Give Your House Number a Face Lift

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If your house number has seen better days or not very appealing, that can send the wrong message to potential buyers that your house has been neglected. You can easily replace or clean up house numbers. You can install new ones near a planter or on a large pot. A huge metallic one will look nice near a freshly painted door too.

Give Your Door a Fresh Look

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Simply repainting it or adding a moulding can give new life to your front door. You can also add a wreath, maybe your house number, or some other accent to make it stand out. Even a few potted plants arranged neatly can make your front door stand out more.

Try A Window Revamp

Consider cleaning your windows both inside and outside to give it a shine and clarity like it is new. Installing shutters can lend your windows a fresh look as well as make them look bigger.

Time for A Lighting Update

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Having bright exterior lights is crucial for better curb appeal. You can also replace fixtures for an update in style and better illumination. If your lights are still good, deep cleaning or perhaps refinishing of fixtures ought to do the trick.

Use Paint as Needed

Repainting worn down areas is a quick and easy way to give your home’s exterior a fresh look. Repaint the mailbox, paint the flower boxes a uniform color, repainting shutters and trim, or repainting outdoor furniture can all contribute to improving your curb appeal fast and on a budget.

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