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Summer is the time for all sorts of outdoor parties and what better way to make them more memorable by adding some fun and easy details that would take your party to the next level? Here are some fun ideas for outdoor summer parties that will surely make your guests have a great time, and you, be the perfect host!

Tropical Vibe for Your Outdoor Bar

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Ever fancied having an awesome summer party at a beach or an island getaway? You can bring the beach in your backyard by installing a palapa roof over your outdoor bar!

How can you get your hands on this? It’s simple, just search for ‘palm leaf thatch panels’ to find suppliers in your area; give them a call, place your order, and be ready for some tiki-style outdoor bar that will surely be the talk of the town!

DIY Shabby-Chic Drinks Container

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Using wooden crates for a myriad of purposes is all the rage these days, don’t be left out by using a wooden crate as a DIY rustic container for some drinks like cold beer and soda. Simply grab a wooden crate from a local store (or ask someone in the veggies and produce business), line it with some plastic, add a bucket of ice, and then place your drinks on it. It won’t keep the ice from thawing like a real cooler but it looks fantastic and lends a casual vibe to any party.

Create Beachy Wind-Proof Candle Hangers

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Got some sand, wires, and mason jars? Try this idea for a night-time outdoor party! Just get some mason jars, line with some sand, add in a candle inside and hang with wires. It will be like having rustic and beachy chandeliers for any location! Bonus part? It is super romantic too, and would be great for a summer wedding’s outdoor reception.

Use Soda Bottles as Vases


If you happen to have some vintage looking soda bottles, this idea would be much cuter but new bottles will also work just as fine. Line up some soda bottles down the length of your table and add a single bloom in each. Not only does it make for a cheap and easy centerpiece, it really looks great too!

Be Creative with Tables and Trays


You don’t have to buy a whole set of outdoor furniture to host an outdoor party this summer. You can get some old barn doors (or any flat piece of wood) and set it on top of saw horses or perhaps a stack of crates. There you have it! An instant table! You can do the same for serving trays and seating. Mix and match what you have for an effortlessly chic party venue that everyone will love.

Give Your Guests Something to Do


Wouldn’t it be so stressful if you will be taking care of every detail? Why not have something that your guests will enjoy and at the same time, save you a little extra time? A flavoured drink station is a great idea for this.

Simply set an area with fruits like lemons, limes, grapes, and berries, together with some sparkling water, ice, and maybe a fruit press. Your guests will have some extra fun creating their own drinks and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Make it Family Style


Outdoor summer parties should feel easy, fun, relaxed, and warm. You can invoke all of the feelings above and more by staging your table family style! Instead of several separate tables, connect them in a rectangle or make them into an extra-long table. This way, there would be more opportunities for conversation and for guests to mingle with each other.

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