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Hundreds of hours can go into designing corporate work spaces but nearly none is usually spent for a home office. Lucky for you, we’ve unearthed some researches that talks about ways on how to enhance productivity by properly planning out your office space. You’ll feel more energised, driven, and happier by using the following science based ideas.

Have a View of Nature or Water


Do you know that looking at scenes with plenty of greenery helps us restock our mental energy and destress? Office work can often be very cerebral and that can mean getting mentally depleted. If your home office has no nature view, you can opt for a small fountain just outside your window or a use a few potted plants. Small evergreens or even cacti are a great idea!

Go for Unpainted Wood


Wood grains have a calming effect just like nature views do. More so, the look of unpainted wood is elegant, timeless, and can work with most office designs.

Stare into the Distance


Staring at your cubicle walls and computer screen all day isn’t healthy for your eyes and productivity. You have to realise how important it is to let your eyes rest by staring into the distance every 20 minutes or so. A good rule is to look 20 yards away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Your eyes will be thanking you for this!

Use Furniture that You Can Reconfigure


Knowing that you can control your environment can make you feel more confident and will help with your productivity according to recent research. Having options on how you want to arrange your office and being able to rearrange it when you want to makes you feel freer and allows you to switch things up to manage tasks with more efficiency.

Allow Some Built-In Options


Built-in office furnishings frees a lot of space and allows you customise things that matter to you. An example would be opting for a window seat that doubles as a filing cabinet. Another would be having a stately built-in book case that goes from the floor to the ceiling because this can double as a display rack for your products, project achievements, and yes, even family photos and collectibles.

Pain Your Walls Green


Extra creative prowess has been linked to seeing a lot of green surfaces. Sage is a fun and pleasant green that does well for mature and serious spaces like an office. It is energising yet toned down enough to optimise your performance, especially for tasks needing a lot of analytical thinking.

Have a View of the Door


Being able to see the door makes you feel more in control and reduces stress. Being able to see who’s coming helps you focus more at the work you have. Great door options are either a large dark door or a glass one with a bit of greenery like a potted plant nearby.

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