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Stuck in some kind of room design dilemma? We’re here to the rescue! What better way to end or start your weekend (or whenever you may be reading this) than to tackle some easy and rewarding room fixes for your home? Read on and see which fix works for you!

Cramped Room

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One of the age-old room problems comes with an equally time-tested fix as well. Mirrors to the rescue! Mirrors works wonders by reflecting light as well as by tricking the eye that there’s more room even though there’s just the wall. Ready for a real room-opening change? Try a full wall mirror!

Wall Décor is Unfocused or Messy-Looking

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You’re not the only one with this room dilemma, in fact, it’s one of the most common room problems needing a fix. Try this room cure - go for a single piece of art or a collection of themed photographs and arrange them in a pattern. Better if you can find square frames which can be arranged to form one cohesive display on the wall.

Ho-hum Furniture Arrangement

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Seem to be stuck on your furniture arrangement and can’t figure out how to give your room a new lease on life? Take out your area rugs and see possibilities jump out at you! Area rugs seems to limit you by marking the space. By taking them away, you’ll be able to see the space in a whole new light. You’ll be soon zooming in on furniture rearrangement like a pro!

Cluttered Room

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When a room is too small and there are a lot of furniture pieces around, even the cleanest space can seem cluttered. To solve this, go for pieces which can function as extra storage (so that no extra clutter would be visible) or go for some clear pieces made of glass or acrylic. This a stylish new trend taking the decorating world by a storm!

Room is Too Formal and Unwelcoming

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A carefully designed space can seem too formal or new to the point of being uncomfortable. After all, no one wants to be the first to mess up someone’s new place, right? The dilemma here is that this can make a room feel too unwelcoming and stiff. The cure? Add soft things such as plush pillows and cushions, or if working on a more masculine design, add a few weathered pieces and you’ll have a room which radiates warmth.

The Room Lacks Sophistication and Seem Unfinished

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Uh-oh, this can be one tough room dilemma to crack, but we’ve got a time-tested trick which works every time! Add a few accent pieces in metallic or shinny finish and you’ll surely make an impact. Bronze, copper, and brass works great, as well as silver in gold depending on your colour scheme.

Lack-luster Colour Scheme

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When the colour scheme isn’t working, it is best to take several photos of the room you’re working on and from that, pick only 3 colours which you love. Take out all pieces which does not belong to the trio (slightly similar shades are excused) and build from what remains. It’s an easy way to declutter too!

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