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One of the most popular home colours for the past few years is gray; and with more than 50 shades of it out there (no inside jokes intended!), one can easily see why it’s a crowd favourite!

Gray can work in any room of the house and is both elegant and chic, but there are times when you simply want to spice it up by adding some other colours or design elements. With our compiled 7 stunning ways to enliven a gray palette, you’d surely find an idea that works for you!

Add Some Metallic Accents


Going for a glam look? You can’t go wrong with chrome, silver, brass, and pewter accents. Play it cooler or warmer with your choice of metallic colour - the end result will always be sophisticated without trying too hard.

Bring on the Florals


If you are planning on a more casual vibe, then a splash of floral prints either in photos or fabric used for cushions and pillows will do the trick. The key is not overdoing it. This works for all rooms of the house and the best part? It can be incorporated with the other tips here as well!

Zap in Some Splash of Scarlet!


A hot bolt of red can wake up any gray room, be it the kitchen, bedroom, or dining area. Use crimson accent pillows in the bedroom or family room, a stylish red fridge in the kitchen, or a fiery hot table runner in the dining room and you’ll surely love it! For the shy at heart, try your dose of scarlet on an artwork, a vase, or a tea towel. It will still work marvelously!

Go for Pastels


Not into strong, bold colours? Then go for pastels! Splashes of pretty lilacs, soft baby blues, and cute cotton candy pink on pillows, artworks, rugs, and room accents can instantly give a ‘freshened’ look to a room. It certainly is great for springtime and works year-round too!

Try Rich Blues and Indigos


If you want a more ‘solid’ vibe to any gray room, add deep blue and indigo accents. Soft gray cabinets and a rich indigo island makes for a stunning kitchen. It’s both masculine and feminine at the same time, not to mention ultra-classy!

White Accents


If your room is more of a deeper gray, then white accents will tone it done and freshen it up. Not a fan of white? Then go for off-white and cream, same principle, same timeless appeal!

Sunshine Always Works!


Yellow always works with grays. In fact, these two colours are a match made in heaven! You can’t go wrong incorporating yellow in your gray scheme, be it the mustard yellow shade or the fresh and lively lemon yellow shade. Go bold with yellow stripes, yellow rug, or small accents like one yellow tulip in a vase and see your gray come to life!

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