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If you’re one of the people who wants to have a pool where you can enjoy your love of water and bask in the beauty of the sights and sounds around you, you’ll certainly enjoy this blog featuring 7 swimming pools around the world that showcases the landscape around them. Want to know more? Read on and see which design inspiration from around the world might work on your home!

Canada’s Private Waterfall Pool


What do you do when you’ve got a panoramic view of a body of water right outside your doorstep? Construct a waterfall pool of course! This pool overlooks Horseshoe Bay on Howe Sound and is located at a couple’s backyard oasis just north of Vancouver.

The French Riviera’s Fantastic Sea Views Pool


Vacation houses takes on a whole new level in this family pool in Southern Provence, France. The architects made the best of a long sloping lot by creating a home that spans it’s length with a dazzling pool at the end. It certainly looks like you can almost swim out to the sea in this pool.

Sweden’s Treetop View Pool


Have an elevated lot? Then take advantage of it by constructing a pool that looks like this treetop view pool from Sweden! You may install heaters as well for an almost year round fun of swimming bliss!

Italy’s Eco-Friendly Pool


Not a fan of chemicals and is into sustainability and green living? Then do as what the couple who owns this eco-friendly pool from Italy did. They installed a water purification system that uses sand and water plants. What a fitting type of pool for a home surrounded by lush greenery!

Russia’s Spa-Like Pool


When a family of 3 decided to build a home at a pine and birch forest in Russia, they had to contend with wanting a pool at a place where the temperature can get very cold – even in summer! So what they did is to build the pool indoors and have it be a part of the house, thus giving it an almost spa-like feel. Glass panel walls gives the illusion of being outdoors whilst being completely protected from the elements.

Japan’s Nature at the Heart of Tokyo Pool


Who says that pools and nature have no place at a busy metropolis like Tokyo? This Tokyo apartment complex managed to save the trees at the vicinity at the time of building the apartment, and that paid off! The pool was laid out at a space overlooking the trees and that made the pool area into some sort of city-oasis for the denizens of the place. Who wouldn’t love a relaxing morning swim surrounded by majestic trees?

Germany’s Hillside View Pool


The owner of this hillside view pool in Germany wanted a pool that would allow him to swim laps, but the lot area is at a hillside and thus presented a bit of a predicament for architects. The solution was to build an extended terrace that would allow a long pool to be installed. Voila! A beautiful pool with a sweeping view of the surrounding vineyards was born!

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