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If you’ve got a yard, chances are you’ve got some neglected or underutilised corner of it. We certainly have to do something about that, right? In this post, we’ll help you make use of your yard corners that have fallen into obscurity. Take out your pen and paper and check out these awesome ideas for your yard.

Go for a Sculpture

If you’ve got a lush lawn, a sculpture would be the perfect contrast amongst the greens to create an interesting corner in your yard. You can highlight the sculpture by surrounding it with plants that make it stand out even more.

An Ornamental Tree or Shrub that Lights Up

There are a lot of shrubs and trees that can be used as ornamental pieces. Those with thick foliage or interesting branches would be great for this. For an added wow factor, install lights for a pretty sight at night.

Trellis All the Way!

Love climbing vines such as Chilean jasmine and wisteria? Then install a trellis at a corner! Once the plants are in full bloom or have grown over the trellis, you’ll get a lovely shaded corner with the extra benefit of privacy.

Build a Pavilion or a Gazebo

If your yard’s corner is large enough, a pavilion or a gazebo would be the perfect outbuilding for an otherwise lonely corner. Think about the summer parties you can have in there!

Or Maybe Just a Seating Area

Okay, your yard’s corner does not have enough space for an outbuilding… why not create a seating area? You can make this as small or as spacious as you like. Use an outdoor sectional sofa, maybe some patio furniture, or just a pair of wrought iron chair and table to create a space that’s all yours!

Why Not an Outdoor Fireplace

If a dainty garden nook isn’t your style, then an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will surely do. Imagine romantic summer nights under the stars with your own fire pit or fireplace in your yard.

Upgrade a Deck’s Corner with Planters

If you wish you’ve got an outdoor living room or just a cosy nook to escape to, wrapping a deck’s corner with planters would be a fast and cheap way to achieve that. If you choose the right plants, not only will they give you shade and privacy but will also act as décor in your DIY outdoor room.

Go for a Small Fountain or Pond

A water feature or pond can add life to any lawn or garden. Where better else to place them in a small lawn than an unused corner? A fountain need not be a dominating water feature if made right. A huge jar or base that empties into a flower pot can be a cool fountain feature that can be DIYed and do not take much space. The birds will love this too!

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