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You may have thought that you’ve already made everything you thought was needed to sell your home but for some reason or another, no one is getting interested enough to purchase it from you. As real estate agents, we’ve come to have a sixth sense on figuring out why a good home is not selling. Here are the key ones.

Your Pricing Is Not Reasonable

Price is a huge factor in making a sale. If you price your home too high, then those who can afford it will be very few and far in-between. If you price it too low, potential buyers will get suspicious and think that something awful must have happened in the home or that there are a lot of hidden damages. You have to know the right market price to entice buyers to your property. It’s all about being realistic.

The Property’s Location is Working Against You

Mo matter how beautiful a home is, location is still one of the main factors for buyers to have an interest in it. A home on top of the mountains or in a shady area of town will be very tough to sell. You will possibly have to do some serious price acrobatics to make your property attractive.

Seriously Bad Timing

Either you listed during the wrong season or the local market conditions are really unfavourable. Generally speaking, homes sell very well during spring and summer but if the market is too saturated, then listing your home in winter could be better (good real estate agents are aware of this). More so, if the local market conditions or the economy is down, then it goes without saying that making a sale will be next to impossible or will only happen at a large deficit to you. Timing is really key.

Marketing Exposure is Nearly Non-Existent

This usually happens when the market is too saturated or if you’ve listed your home with the wrong agents who are not updated about the best listing practices. Employing wrong marketing strategies often lead to your home being blanketed in the cloak of invisibility.

Your Home is in Poor Condition

A home in poor condition or with very visible signs of wear and tear (even if they are only cosmetic ones) will garner very little interest, if any. It pays to invest in a little repair and renovation more so for repainting certain areas and replacing door knobs and faucets. After all, a well-taken cared of home invokes feelings of warmth that will make people gravitate towards it.

You Aren’t Staging it Well

You need to show your home to its full potential to attract buyers. For example, big windows shouldn’t be covered up with furniture because that immediately devalues it. This is why professional real estate agents sometimes suggest hiring home stagers. They ensure that your home is shown in the best possible light.

Unpleasant Odours Are Lingering In It

Bad stench can make the cleanest of homes feel filthy. If you have pets, you will have to ensure that litter boxes and the like are clean before showing and that your home is free from mould and mildew. Doing a ‘smell test’ with a friend while walking through your home can point out areas where unpleasant odours might be lingering. With the above said, too much use of air fresheners and candles can be irritating to other people.

Your Home Is Being Sold By the Wrong Real Estate Agent

It is essential that you do your research before listing your home with any real estate agent. If the real estate agent has a less-than-professional reputation, then that will rub off on your property too. Look up testimonials, research about what properties a certain agent sold before, and ask around. A trustworthy real estate agent can bring in buyers by the droves.

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