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With all the home buying going on this spring and for summer, we’re sure that some new homeowners and those looking to sell their place are looking for simple ways to achieve a high end look without spending too much. We’ve done our research and came up with 8 money saving ways to achieve a high end look. Good news is, everyone can do these tips even with limited skills and interior design know how. See below to find out more!

Install A Tile Feature Wall


Instead of having your whole bathroom tiled or decorated with marble, opting for a single wall tile feature makes for a chic, cheaper, and more sophisticated option. The best thing is that you can save even more by going for discontinued or soon to be discontinued tile designs. Not only will you be able to get a high end design for a fraction of the cost, you’ll also have a truly unique feature wall at your home.

Use Single-Slab Stone for Backsplash


Installing tiles is not always cost effective, not to mention time consuming. Save up on labour and cost by going for a single slab stone backsplash which you can get from counter top manufacturers. If you’re truly lucky, you can even get an entire piece for free!

Build Up The Drama With Large-Scale Art


Give your space some color and high-end glamour by using a single large piece of art. Large art pieces scream decadent taste and a hefty wallet even if you’ve only spent a few dollars on the piece.

Mirror Walls


Big is in and it translates to mirrors too. Opt for a single large piece of mirror or use smaller ones all grouped together for a more cost-effective alternative means of bringing in light, enlarging space, and making a room feel like a millionaire’s lair.

Wow With The Chandelier


Chandeliers have long been known as interior design statement pieces usually found in grand houses. Lucky for you, chandeliers are much more affordable these days so go ahead and install one at a nursery or a laundry room to make that space instantly seem more special.

Accentuate With Capiz Fixtures


Fixtures made with capiz shells is one of the trending high-end designers’ favourite material for creating one of a kind lighting pieces and sculptures. Make sure that you have at least a few at your home for that understated elegance which high end designs are known for.

Have A Golden Touch


Trimming your white furniture with gold accents is reminiscent of palatial designs and décor. You can DIY this as well by using some gold spray paint or go more authentic looking by using some gold leaf.

Accessorize With Marble


If you cannot remodel your whole kitchen with marble floors and countertops, you can achieve the same look by having accent pieces made from marble. Examples of these are a marble chopping block, or a marble top small round table. If you can find a professional artist, you can have a marble motif painted unto your chosen surface and voila, a high end luxurious room!

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