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Now that you’ve decided to sell your house, there’s no going back. You’re probably done with the small repairs, slight renovations, repainting here and there, and is excited to finally get buyers take a look at your home. If you want to create a positive first impression and help buyers feel that they’ve found the home of their dreams, then be sure to follow the house showing tips below!

Make Everything Spotless

Home Selling Tips

Cleaning is the number one tip stagers and veteran realtors emphasize. Sure, you can hire some cleaners, take away or hide some of your personal items, but still do a final walk-through when you have a scheduled home showing. Reach into corners, recesses, wipe table and counter tops and make bedrooms and bathrooms look inviting with fresh sheets and towels. Lighting a candle or two won’t hurt either.

Give Your Home the Perfect Aura

Home Selling Tips2

Are you familiar with the “Goldilocks Effect?”  It is all about making your home’s noise level, temperature, and lighting look and feel ideal no matter what time of the day or day of the year it is. You can achieve this by having layered lighting, maybe installing a small fountain, and having window treatment that can be adjusted for the right level of light and privacy.

Get Rid of Line of Sight Impairments

Home Selling Tips3

If you have some huge decorative pieces, be sure that they are not obstructing the line of sight from one room to the next. A centre island at the kitchen should be free from clutter, and rugs should define areas of the house, not just nonchalantly lying on the floor. You’d be surprised at how put together your home will be after observing this house showing tip.

Be Prepared with Handouts

A nice touch when showing your home is to have your home’s documents plus some attractive photos within easy reach to show a prospective buyer. This way, buyers can have a copy of some details to help them decide whether they’d want to purchase your home later.

Keep an Eye on Your Valuables

Home Selling Tips4

Open houses attract all sorts of people, some may not be interested in your home but in what they can simply grab and go. Keep your valuables safe in a locked drawer. You’d be thanking yourself later.

Detach from Your Personal Things

Home Selling Tips5

Are you truly ready to let go of your home? Then make it as welcoming as can be for future owners! Take away your family photos, personal trinkets, religious items, and objects with sentimental value. Put them in storage or transfer them to your new place. Buyers want to see a home that they can make their own. They aren’t interested in your baby photos and what not.

Create Space

Home Selling Tips6

Oftentimes, we aren’t aware of how cluttered our homes are. A small table in the middle of a room may make sense for you, but it can be an awkward distraction for a potential buyer. You want to highlight that the home is spacious enough for future buyers, so make sure they will be comfortable walking around in your place.

Use Scents to Your Advantage

Home Selling Tips7

A beautiful house will feel like home with the help of scents. Stick to comforting scents like brewing coffee, fresh bread, maybe a hint of vanilla or cinnamon, and stay away from strong artificial scents. Note that air fresheners may have components that can trigger an allergy, so the all-natural scent of coffee or freshly-baked cookies are your best bets. Plus, everyone would love a cookie and a cup of coffee before they head out, it’s a win-win!

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