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It’s really fall, and what better way to welcome the new season than by redecorating around your home? In today’s blog, we’re sharing with you some easy-peasy naturally-fabulous fall decorating tips that’s sure to transform your space into an autumn wonderland!

Use Nature’s Bounty

home fall decorating ideas

Beauty is indeed in the details and small unexpected details can have a lot of impact in your decorating, especially when accented with nature’s bountiful craft supplies.  Are you going to host a few dinners? Then consider using some leafy twigs as place holders for your guests. You may also want to use acorns and nuts to adorn simple wooden rings for a beauty-fall (see what we did there?) napkin holder.

Liven Up Your Existing Palette with New Hints of Colour

home fall decorating ideas2

Combining rich reds and magical oranges with a contrasting or neutral base really makes for a fantastic autumn palette. If you feel that oranges and reds are too bold, then consider some muted greens accented with a bit of gold for a fresher and more subdued colour scheme.

You don’t need to break the bank either. You can accomplish livening up your home’s colour palette by using accent rugs, table accessories, and throw pillows for a low investment but high-impact start.

Bring Out Some Country Décor

home fall decorating ideas3

This would be the time of year to bring out some wooden accent pieces, rustic natural artwork, and similar items. Unfinished wooden pieces will work great, as well as some using some crates for functional décor.

DIY More

home fall decorating ideas4

Using natural materials like some twine, grasses, moss, and small branches in your DIY centerpieces is a cheap and nature-friendly decorating tip that even someone who’s design-challenged can pull off.

Use Candles

home fall decorating ideas5

For an elegant and no-fail decorating tip for all seasons, try candles! You may try to use scents that are more season-specific (citrus in summer, floral in spring, spice during fall and winter). Add candles to your mantles, windowsills and yes, even the bathroom! You really cannot go wrong with candles!

Hang a Wreath

home fall decorating ideas6

Nothing ushers in fall and the holidays than by hanging a wreath (or a few!) at home. They’re not only a decorating classic but are also very versatile, so you can style your wreath to carry you over the seasons too. Start with dried sprigs of wheat tied to a circular frame and maybe just add some sparkle as the season progresses.

Choose Versatile Pieces

home fall decorating ideas7

Speaking of wreaths which can be updated in a snap, you can also use dried berries, pine cones, and twigs in creating your own centerpieces so that you’ll only need to tweak it a little come winter. Add in some faux snow once winter begins and some glittery ornaments for the holidays.

A Warm Inviting Space

home fall decorating ideas8

Adding a new sitting area or sprucing up an existing one makes for a cozy space to use for intimate conversations or just to snuggle up in this fall. This could be as simple as adding a small table, two chairs, and some cute décor in an unused corner but you’re free to let your imagination go wild!

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