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Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying some extra time off as a kid; however, this holiday can be dangerous for those who are not prepared or those failed to have some safety measures in place. People can get injured, children can get lost, bad candy can make someone sick and so forth. Be sure to follow the trick or treating pro tips below to make the holiday fun for everyone!

Inspect the Candy You’re Giving Out and Getting

Any candy that appears opened or tampered should be thrown away. Handmade treats can be nice but in general, refrain from accepting and giving these away to avoid safety issues. Beware of choking hazards as well.

Stay on the Safe Side for Halloween Costumes

Costumes can be fun, but you won’t want costumes that can get caught in doors, pose a tripping hazard, or is highly flammable. In the case of costumes that come with props such as wands, guns, knives, and swords, stick to ones that are flexible or made from soft material like rubber.

Stay Away from Candles and Luminaries

Candles can cause serious damage when they come in contact with flammable costumes. If you cannot be sure that your costumes are fire-resistant, then be sure to not use candles or luminaries to avoid any possible mishap from them.

Map Out Your Route

There is nothing wrong with having a route in advance. This way, you can have a route that is safe, not too long, and can be fun depending on the age of your child(ren). This will also prevent issues when one child wants to venture out further because a planned route means they already know where they can go to. Best if you can choose routes with sidewalks and avoid too many crossings especially if there are busy streets and not very well-lit areas.

Try Not to Use Masks

Masks are fun but they can have choking hazards as well as impair both vision and breathing. If you can find costumes without masks or can use non-toxic face paint, then the better.

More Light Can’t Hurt

It will probably look weird to see a fairy or a superhero carrying a flashlight but better be safe than sorry! If you have a group of kids, consider adding reflective tape to their costumes or treat bags to make them more visible for you and drivers.

Go for Comfortable Shoes

Stay away from outfits requiring high heels or some show shoes. For both kids and adults, flat closed shoes are the best option particularly if going around a huge area. If you want to have fun, you have to make sure you’re comfortable!

Stay in Groups and Beware of Strangers

Although older children may want to separate themselves from younger siblings and parents, it is better to stay in groups or with friends. A trusted group of friends can be a great option for older children as well. Be sure to brief each child that under no circumstance can he or she be allowed to go with strangers or enter a stranger’s home, even a neighbor’s home. Some unsavoury tricksters may be out and about trick or treating this Halloween too, and not with good intentions.

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