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Do you think white walls are boring? Think again! Far from being impersonal, or flat, white walls come in a variety of shades that can complement any design style you like. Take a look below and find out why white walls are one of the hottest trends in interior design.

White Walls Are Classic

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You cannot go wrong with white walls. White is always in style, tasteful, and elegant. More so, it can work with antiques or even a modern décor style. White walls will never look nor feel dated.

White Walls Leave Room for Creativity

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Because white walls look clean and simple, it is the perfect canvas or backdrop for creative spaces like a studio or a craft room. White also encourages creativity because it makes your mind feel relaxed and at ease.

White is Perfect for Displaying Collections and Artwork

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White does not compete with anything set against it. That’s why white walls are popular for museums, galleries, and similar places. If you don’t want to paint all your walls white, then a white accent wall for your art collection would be superb!

White Highlights Architecture

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There’s a reason architects prefer white interiors. A lack of colour focuses on the structure itself and showcases the beautiful bones of a home. If you’re after making the structure of your home stand out, then painting your walls a crisp white could be the way to go.

White is Fantastic in an Open-Plan Room

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If you’ve got an open floor plan in your home, there is a chance that seeing multiple rooms at once can sometimes look and feel overwhelming. Painting the walls white can be a great option because not only will it make your only will it make your space seem larger, it also goes with everything!

White Can Be Relaxing

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The simplicity of white walls reduces visual noise, hence making white one of the best colours for bedrooms and bathrooms. Pair white walls with natural fibers in your pillows and curtains for a truly relaxing vibe.

White is Amazing for Both Maximalist and Minimalist

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It isn’t a secret that minimalists love painting their walls white but maximalists love it too because it goes with everything! If you love to accessorize and collecting textures, colours, and layers of pretty things, then a white wall would be great for you!

White Works Well for Any Season

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Whether you choose to go for a carefree and beachy vibe for summer, want to feature pastels for spring, looking forward to decorate with leaves come fall, or planning to spruce up your home with evergreens and fake snowflakes for winter, white walls are the way to go. Sure, other paints can have their pros as well but going for white takes away having to tip toe around with your seasonal decorations.

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