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Ever wondered how some houses instantly make you feel at home? How do their interior designers pull off making a huge home feel warm or a new home feel lived in?

In today’s blog, we’ve got 8 tips to easily cultivate an effortlessly chic look for your home. Have a look below and see how easy it is to do so!

Use Glamourous Lighting and Rustic Furniture


Worn out furniture can make your home look like a flea market disaster if you don’t know how to bring out its’ charm. For a casual chic home, consider an interplay of refined style and rustic pieces. The contrast will complement each other and makes for a truly memorable design.

Add Some Flair with Mirrors


Have you noticed how a posh mirror can make a casually furnished room look elegant? Statement mirrors can transform a space into a special nook just like that.

Go for a Printed Sofa


If you’re looking for a way to introduce colour and decorate without going overboard, then you’d love going for a sofa upholstered in printed fabric! Another incentive of using printed fabric for upholstery is that dark printed fabrics can easily hide spills, making it a great idea to use for high traffic areas and often used furniture.

Dare to Hang ‘Anonymous’ Art


You don’t have to hang a Van Gogh to have a chic home. You can find beautiful and original artwork at garage sales, online ads, student sales, or obscure art galleries. It really has the thrill of a treasure hunt! Remember that the only person you have to please is yourself. Any art that makes you happy and reflects your style is a fine addition to your home.

Create Elegance with Texture


Using a variety of textures can make a room seem richer and more luxurious. A mixture of airy and fuzzy faux fur, some metallic accents, and some wooden or earthy pieces is a treat to the senses.

Use Bamboo Blinds


Gone are the days when bamboo is only used as a flooring material. These days, bamboo blinds are an interior design phenomenon! Either use bamboo blinds on its own or layer it with fabric for some beachy and airy window covering that’s naturally chic!

Take Advantage of Baskets and Hooks


No chic home has clutter all over the place. An easy solution for getting rid of clutter is to have baskets wherever clutter tend to accumulate. For a cleaner look, you can also hang baskets on hooks.

Be Creative with Textiles


Why would you purchase an expensive antique rug if you won’t be able to bring yourself into actually stepping on it? You can have the same look by using a discounted vintage rug or an old one you may already have. You can also try to use antique textiles as tapestry or as a cover for an accent pillow.

Excited to use these tips once you find your perfect Oakville home? Contact us and we’ll make sure that happens soon!

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