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Family rooms are often one of the most loved rooms in every home, it is just fitting that it deserves a little bit of extra love and care. In this blog article, we’ll share with you some amazing and fun features for family rooms and maybe other rooms of your home. Take your pick among the following room tweaks:

A Projector Wall

projector wall

Love watching movie with the family? Then you ought to have a projector wall! Ditch the TV and opt for a built-in projector instead. There are even types which works with smartphones these days!

Games Table

Games table

Who doesn’t love board games? A table solely dedicated for games such as cards and board games can liven up any quiet corner of a room. Add some stools for extra seating that stores easily under the table!

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Wall

Did you love drawing as a kid? Have you ‘decorated’ the sidewalks outside your home with your art? Give your own kids the same freedom to unleash their creative side no matter what the season is by having a chalkboard wall. The best part? Chalkboard paint comes in a variety of colours these days, you’re certainly not stuck with black!

Barn-Door TV Cover

Barndoor TV Cover

What’s cooler than having your TV be tucked away behind some authentic barn-doors? Besides being a clever way to hide the TV when not in use, it’s an interesting architectural detail as well.

A Bright Rug

Bright Rug

Concerned about your family room looking too dull or too neutral? Invoke a casual and warm atmosphere by using a quirky and colourful cheerful rug. There’s another secret why this feature is a must have - bright colours and patterns hides dirt and spills a lot better, making it perfect for high-traffic areas such as family rooms!

Window Seat with Storage

window seat

Reading nooks or just plain window seats are a cute and cozy addition to any family room, and they are even better if the seats can double as storage as well. Stash away toys, magazines, and other normal clutter in bins under the seats and voila, you’ve got yourself a clean room!

Family Photo Wall

photo wall

Hey, it won’t be a family room if it does not centre around your family and activities, right? Add a family photo wall using mismatched frames in the same hue or colour family and you’ve got yourself wall art which speaks of the people living in your home.

Kids Play Area

play area

This is a must if you have children living with you. A play area lets kids be kids and have fun without worrying if they’d mess up your carefully arranged décor.

Family Travel Map


More often than not, families have taken trips and vacation together, wouldn’t it be great to have a reminder of the fun times you’ve shared right at your family room? A family travel map is a great way to incorporate some geography lessons if you’ve got children. It’s decorative, fun, and reminds you that there really is no place like home. Isn’t that sweet?

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