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Decorating trends come and go, but these 9 versatile decorating trends we’re sharing with you are as good as classic decorating hacks. If you’re someone who’s into making slight changes every now and then but love a well-thought of feel in your décor, then these are for you!

Use Antique Mirrors


There’s just something about antique mirrors that can make any room feel like it is worth so much more. They add that touch of elegance and old-world feel without looking dated. Try an antique mirror for your vanity. It may not be good for putting on makeup, but it will make your vanity feel oh so luxurious!

Live-Edge Wood


Live-edge wood is so raw and organic, it brings forth a warmth that can sometimes be described as sexy. A piece of live-edge wood in the form of a table, a countertop, or maybe a slab fashioned as a tray will bring in a lovely piece of uninhibited nature to an otherwise sterile decorating palette.

A Wall or Walls of Books


Bookworm or not, a wall of books can make anyone feel at home. It adds texture, character, and a sense of hominess to a room. You can choose to overstuff your floor to ceiling shelves or perhaps reserve some shelves for keepsakes – it will still be great!

Wallpaper for Accent Walls


If you love understated elegance or perhaps a touch of quirkiness in a room, then an accent wall plastered with your chosen wallpaper pattern would be perfect to give you just that. Use this decorating trend for a large room and watch it go from bland to wow!

Buy Colourful Couches


Tired with black, cream, or beige couches? Then try one in a bold colour! If you don’t feel like investing in one, you can order some custom-made sofa covers to enjoy the trend without spending too much.

Have a Gallery Wall


Who wouldn’t love a wall dotted with cherished photographs and artwork? Having a gallery wall gives you art, colour, and pattern all in one wall. It is also a great way to view everything you love in just one area.

Get Danish Modern Dining Tables


Danish modern dining tables are classic beauties. They are elegant and can fit in with any decorating scheme. Try this if you want to invest in a dining table that can last and look nice for decades!

Use Bright Pink


Most people shy away from using anything bright pink when decorating. Most fear that it may be too overwhelming but it is actually heaven-sent for waking up a subdued room. All you need is one piece of furniture or an accent piece in bright pink to enjoy this decorating trend.

Go for Apple Green


You may not think using apple green would be a design trend but it is and for a good reason! Apple green used in walls, ceilings, or accent pieces can make a dull room feel sunny and bright. You can even do the unexpected and use it for your stairs!

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