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Buying a home can be a scary decision for some people. There is a lot of money tied into buying a home and it is not a decision that can be reversed easily just because you wanted to. It is understandable to have doubts and have second thoughts when you feel like you’ve found the right house but still thinking of what-ifs. Here are some tips on how to tell if you’ve found the right house.

It Feels Like Home

Have you ever had the feeling that the place is familiar or feels like you’ve already been there when visiting a new place? There is no sense of wariness, instead, you feel drawn to it and it feels normal or comfortable to you? That’s the sort of feeling you want to feel when you’re trying to find a new home.

You Want to Step Inside the Home

If you’re excited upon seeing a home and can’t wait to see inside of it then you may have a keeper. Aside from curb appeal, an overall sense of positive feeling is a good indicator when viewing a new home.

You Don’t Feel Like You’re Intruding

It can be uncomfortable to view a house that is not your own and take a look in the bedrooms and bathrooms. If a house doesn’t make you feel that you’re intruding into someone’s home, that’s a good sign that the house is for you. Plus points if you can envision yourself using the space as your own.

You Don’t Feel Like Looking at Other Homes Anymore

Either you lose interest in looking at other homes or other homes just stop being appealing to you. When this happens, it is usually because you’ve already fallen in love with a home and your mind is already set on it unconsciously.

The Home Fits with What You Need

If the house has the exact number of rooms that you need, the square footage that you’re looking for, the location that you want, and more, then minor details like paint color shouldn’t be an issue. When you realize that you can easily look past a house’s shortcomings because it ticks all the right boxes in your list, then you may have found your new future home.

You Feel That the House is Your Home

If when showing the house to your loved ones you find yourself defending its flaws or if you find that you do not agree with the real estate agents when they point out other homes that are better options, then you may have started thinking of the house as your own. Perhaps it is time to make that a reality!

You Begin Planning the Furniture Layout in Your Head

If you’ve begin envisioning how your things will look in the house, how a room should be painted, and how you will arrange your furniture in the house, that’s it! That house is your new home!

You Find Yourself Already Planning to Tell the People You Care About

If you can’t wait to brag about the house to your friends and already planning a welcome party for your loved ones in it, then that is a clear sign that your heart already knows that this is the perfect home for you and it is time for you to seal the deal.

When to Seal the Deal?

It is best not to wait if you’re sure about buying a home. There is no telling how many other people are considering it and might beat you to buying the house. Better tell your real estate agent as soon as possible and make the home yours!

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