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No, it’s nothing as fanciful as a dragon that cracked out of the sun, coming to burn your farm houses and chickens…

Though that would be a little bit exciting, wouldn’t it?

Better yet, Arlene Dickinson, of Dragon’s Den fame, is kicking off Entrepreneur Week in Halton. She’ll be in Halton on June 2 for a talk about lessons she’s learned about how to make it as an entrepreneur in today’s economy - one of the fiercest in Canadian history.

Arlene Dickinson is best known for her role in CBC’s show, Dragon’s Den. The show is famous on both sides of the Atlantic for bringing together entrepreneurs with smart ideas and venture capitalists that will do anything to win that idea for themselves.

Headlining the Breakfast Seminar Series

The Breakfast Seminar Series will take place at the Burlington Convention Centre, from 7-9:30am. The dragon’s first stop will be the Halton area, followed by another 9 stops across Ontario during Entrepreneur Week June 2-13.

The Breakfast Seminar Series is being presented by Metroland Media Group, and will have a variety of local entrepreneurs talking about their experiences and offering lessons to help other entrepreneurs to drive their local economies.

Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications, said that she’s excited about meeting local entrepreneurs across Ontario and talking about success, balance and resiliency.

Learning from Mistakes

Many entrepreneurs make mistakes, but few learn from them - which is probably why so many businesses fail in their infancy.

“For me, having gone through a lot of the struggle of building a business from the ground up, dealing with partnerships and dealing with building and growth pains, I’ve learned at the end of the day, you have to be able to look deep within yourself to figure out where you’re helping the company, figure out where you’re not helping the company and surround yourself with people who are better than you are,” she said.

She also said that most need to realise that it’s not competition that’s the biggest enemy, but themselves.

A Passion for Entrepreneurism

Dickinson also said that a passion for entrepreneurism is a must. She herself only became interested in business when she was 31; she had previously gotten married at 19 and raised 4 children.

Despite numerous challenges, which she has said have shaped her as a business person, she has been recognized as one of Canada Most Powerful Women, received the Pinnacle Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence and also the PROFIT award, among many others.

It’s not often that a dragon comes to the Oakville area, but if you can’t don’t miss it! We could all learn a lot from people like this that are driving local economies and reaching for their dreams.

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