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In a recent Wall Street Journal article, a couple selling their luxury home was completely flummoxed (their word, not ours) that they couldn’t sell their home. Fantastic location, an on-premises tennis court, a veritable monument to luxury - but they just couldn’t sell.

And then you see the included photo of the bathroom. White, Italian marble tiles, plenty of light, an imported chandelier and then… the painting. A half-nude man in bright white underwear hugging himself like he was in an early 90s “Colour Me Bad” video.

Their realtor had begged them to put the painting into storage before they began to show the home. The painting, a gift from a beloved relative as a housewarming gift, was seen by the couple as an asset, not a hindrance.

They’d forgotten all about the painting, but the eager buyers that had strolled through their pearly gates couldn’t avert their gaze.  

But when is a little expression too much?

“Beautiful Art Shouldn’t be Hidden!”

Most homeowners just assume everyone likes their art - after all, beautiful art shouldn’t be hidden right? Like all things in life, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Many sellers, especially those selling luxury homes, swear that edgy art helps them get top dollar for their homes. But think back to your own experience looking at homes; if you do love edgy art, would a plain seaside print from Pier One Imports really get you fired up to buy? Or would it just serve as a placeholder to help you imagine your own art in the home?

And what if you like that plain, boring art? Would an edgy semi-nude portrait of a man hanging in the en suite bath really speak to you in a way that says “You must buy this home!”, or would it just get your home labelled as that house.

You don’t want to be labelled as that house. You want to be labelled as “that house I want to buy”.       

“But If You Must…”

If you must display your edgy or risqué art, the location does matter. A semi-nude portrait of a man wearing bright white underpants probably won’t do well in the bathroom - or the kitchen.

Gender also plays a role; the female form tends to be much more warmly received than the male.

But what if your edgy art features you as the subject - and you’re the one conducting the open house? It could raise a few eyebrows and some questions, but these are always the ones that get the most attention.

It all depends on what you’re comfortable with, but the point of staging your home for sale is to put buyers at ease and remove any obstacles for sale. If a piece might bring negative attention to your property, think about stowing it and putting up some other art as a placeholder.

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