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What do you get when an internet CEO builds a home? You get luxury and coolness rolled into one of course!

The real estate agents from Douglas Elliman Real Estate may have a bit of a difficulty finding someone with enough cash to purchase the $35 million Mediterranean mansion at Boca Raton Florida, but it doesn’t stop trekkies everywhere from drooling all over it.

When Marc Bell, former CEO of the internet networking site FriendFinder built his gorgeous Florida mansion, he wanted a home which is fun and where he can enjoy life, and for his tastes, he did just that!

When Luxury Real Estate Meets Sci-fi

The Star Trek Mansion looks like a very luxurious piece of real estate from the outside. Featuring manicured lawns, a basketball court, a huge chess board, a natural looking pool and a stately architectural design; there is no doubt that from these things alone, the mansion is worth its price tag, but wait until you see the inside of the palatial abode. The living room, gym, 1500-bottle wine cellar, library, formal and informal dining areas and kitchen all speaks of grandeur and clearly shows that no expense has been spared to showcase the best of Mediterranean architecture fused with the impressive big homes in the southern states.

Covering an area of 34,458 square feet, the 16 bathroom 8 bedroom mansion certainly packs more than just the usual in terms of luxury property. It features a ballroom which doubles as a video arcade complete with over 60 different arcade games, some of which dates as far back as the 70s. It also has a waterfall over the pool, a pirate themed bedroom, a room designed to make you feel like you’re inside the ‘Call of Duty’ game and an in-home movie theater which is the replica of the ‘Star Trek’ bridge.

The in-house movie theater replica is not just some cheap imitation. If you are a hard core Star Trek fan like the current owner Marc Bell, you will definitely feel at home at the Star Trek mansion’s movie theater. Designed to be the life size replica of the flight deck of Starship Enterprise, the ceiling of the movie theater is littered with hundreds of thousands of stars and the doors have the same exact ‘swooshing’ sound effects as that in the famed TV series. If that is not enough to make you reel at warp speed level, then the $35 million price tag surely will. It is certainly the most expensive home ever to hit the real estate market of Boca Raton, Florida.

Trek Mansion1

trek mansion2

trek mansion3

Are You A Multi-Millionaire Trekkie?

Getting your hands on this marvel of a home is relatively easy. You don’t have to produce a Tony Award winning Broadway show such as Jersey Boys, run an investment firm, be a CEO nor be an internet giant like the current owner. You simply have to have a big bank account and the want to live in a sci-fi fairy tale.

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