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It’s no secret that Canadians are living longer and better than ever – and while most of us (hopefully!) won’t have to work into our hundreds, it’s still good to keep certain things in mind. You want to be able to be financially stable in your golden years? You want to enjoy more “me” time? Thinking about aging healthy and happy (and a little wealthy too if you can!) – there’s no better time like the present to start!

Cultivate Your Natural Wealth

Building your nest egg should be at the forefront, but it’s important to understand what makes a person “naturally wealthy”. Having a rich network of friends, family and community is one of the keys to aging well – it’s even been shown in multiple scientific studies that older people that spend time with friends and family just a couple hours a week live on average FIVE more years than those who don’t. Just imagine what you can do with another five years!

Is Your Retirement Secure?

Now that you know your social safety net is in place, it’s time to figure out where you are financially. You can’t be healthy, wise and happy if you’re worrying about expenses month to month after all.

Are you saving for retirement? According to the Bank of Canada 40% of Canadians don’t have enough savings, while 15% have no savings at all. You don’t want to be in this group, you need to know that whatever happens, you’re taken care of. If you’re buying a home you probably already have your retirement squared away, but it never hurts to take a look and keep on top of it.

Easing Into Retirement

This is one of the most important things you can do – easing into retirement, not rushing – will be the thing that makes your post-work life successful.

Many Canadians are even opting to keep working for the rest of their lives, and why not? We’re living longer, happier and better than we have in our history. If you can keep working, even if it’s just part time, you’ll be able to keep building up your nest egg.

Easing slowly into retirement will give you time to adapt to your post retirement life. Many retirees find themselves a little lost when they just plunge full on into retirement, so why do that to yourself? Take the time to relax, explore and get ready for the next chapter of your life.

Aging healthy, happy, wise and wealthy is all about understanding where you are right now and where you want to be tomorrow. Maybe you want to buy a new home, maybe you want to keep on working for the rest of your life – or maybe you just want to move out to the Sunbelt down south. Whatever it is, make a plan and go for it!

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