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Selling Oakville real estate in summer is easy – but when it comes to winter it’s a different kind of problem. You can’t turn on the air conditioner and put out flowers in your flower pots; you’ll find that there are different kinds of buyers on the lookout and you’ll have much different conditions to deal with. Brown and muddy lawns aren’t helpful, and neither is half the property being buried under snow… but there is a way to do it! Here we’re going to go over a few tips to sell your home in winter and to get those bids as high as possible, so let’s get started.

Turn Up the Heat

It’s important to keep things warm – people want to buy a comfy warm home in the winter, not an empty white cold mausoleum! Don’t be afraid to turn up the thermostat a little, but not so much where people get uncomfortable. You just want to show them that there’s not a great loss of heat over the course of the winter and that all those energy efficient upgrades you’ve made to your Oakville real estate are actually worth it.

Don’t Show in the Late Afternoon

People want to know that the luxury Oakville homes for sale they’re looking at actually get good light in the day, and with our winters a late afternoon to early evening showing can be a big no-no. The more light there is the more room the home appears to have, so it’s important you take advantage of the best daylight hours from 10am to 2pm.This way you’ll get the most out of the days even in the beginning of winter

Dress It Up

Think winter party and decorate accordingly. It’s around the holidays and people love parties in winter, give buyers for your Oakville home for sale a taste of what they could have if they bought this house. This way you’ll be a nice break from all the bleak boring houses that the buyers have looked at all day long. A festive atmosphere can go a long way towards making people say yes to your house – but don’t put up Christmas decorations after Christmas, that can be a bit too much.

Scents Sell

People love the smell of pies and cookies and it can really help you sell a home in winter. You’ll want to be careful though, if you overdo it people will wonder what you’re trying to hide with such overpowering aromas.

You want to play up what your home has to offer instead of trying to fight nature. If you have waterfront property or somewhere with a great view, think about the advantages! With all the leaves off the trees you won’t have to worry about an obstructed view – just make sure you have the windows cleaned, especially in high rise areas.

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